Thursday, August 26

I don't Expect You To Understand Why.

I stopped blogging because... the originality in blogging is dying.

I stopped blogging because... when I received comments it was full of hate and criticism. People set on dousing the fire that once burned.

I stopped blogging because... it was no longer about vibin with someone harmoniously through experience/opinion. It became another form of publicity and news feed for celebs, popular writing styles, and uncreative unison.

I stopped blogging because.... when I would sit at the computer, nothing would come.

I stopped blogging because... when nothing came, I felt empty. Hallow. Dry. Barren.

I stopped blogging because... of Twitter. How convenient it is to just say what I need to in that moment, less than 140 characters, and have no one look for a explanation just the cont. if it doesn't all fit.

I stopped writing because... life became repetitive. nothing new and no new feelings to explore or attempt to purge myself of. No new lessons learned due to my mental being far away from my physical. I was going through life unaware so what was there to notice?

I stopped writing because... when given the opportunity to write they wanted to change all that was Gwen, written, compromise my voice for a chance at helping create a image.

I stopped writing because... after awhile my writing wasn't helping ME.

I stopped writing because... I couldnt put into words any of what I was feeling.



Anonymous said...

i feel u! i deleted all my posts recently because even though it happened in the past; that's the point ITS THE PAST. I also agree that its repetitive and yes im living life but by the time i sit down to so call blog about it i gave up by then. it IS different these days :( I'm sort of in a writers block type deal myself. i dont want to lose my URL but i have nothing to contribute that would really COUNT ya know? :(


Supastarrr said...

I went through a few of the same things this summer. especially the writer's block. that's a bitch. i doubt i'm completely out of it.

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

I feel like I'm about to be at that point myself. When I first started blogging, it was a form of therapy for me because I had no one to talk to, and I knew my blog wouldn't judge me for saying how I truly felt. Now I feel myself being more preoccupied with page views and followers, but that's not what it's least, not for me. So I need to step back and re-evaluate why I'm doing it.

RavynRae said...

I understand. that's why my blog is strictly about fashion now. I can't BELIEVE people would leave you hate comments but then again...everyone is not so understanding *shrug*

Thank goodness for Twitter though!! :)

Don said...

I promise that just about every last explanation listed has crossed my mind at least one time or another. Blogging definitely isn't what it used to be and I have kinda become engulfed into my sportswriting. If it weren't for the emails that ask for me to continue blogging I swear that I would hang up the blog shoes, a LONG time ago.