Tuesday, September 28

Happy One Year Anniversary!!

one year today i made my first blog entry :)

and one year today i am making my last.

Wednesday, September 8

I Miss When Life Was Easy..

most would say life was never easy for them and go on this long rampage about why they've had a more screwed up life than you. *still trying to figure out why that would even be a topic of discussion.* but there are also those people who don't take it out on the world and remain holding on knowing it's just part of life and growing up. knowing falling is not a option..

I have yet to free fall but I will say this:

life was definitely better when I was younger.

people today are quick to say if I had more money this and this but lets be real. we all know mo' money mo' problems. I say life was better when younger because I always had the time, I always had the energy, I always had the desire, friends were plentiful, laughs were generous, and the closest people around you remained the closest people. your job was to brighten others day, no mistakes were uncorrectable, and second chances felt like second chances. Love... well love was just love then.

[*insert good closing line here*]


Wednesday, September 1

This Should Help .

I downloaded a new notepad app. #TeamAndroid

My phone is always in my hand so why not what I need to write my usual posts as well.

*fingers crossed*