Saturday, June 26

Top Charted.

if you were a song
your melody would entice
the ears
flirt with the soul
and captivate the heart
your catchy rhythm
would cause involuntary
gyrations in the pelvic region
and generate unconscious
free style rhymes
within the mind
your lyrics
would be the envy
of the craftiest poet/mc
filled with
wondrous word play
miraculous metaphors
your baseline
would throb, pulsate
forcefully throughout the body
resulting in an irresistible urge
to jump up and get on down
everyone would
demand to get an hour
minute, second
of your phenomenal sound
good thing you're not
because then
I couldn't keep you
all to myself


Saturday, June 19

in my attempt to express myself, i hope i dont lose you..

i await the day Jah washes, burns, whisks us, all away.
i sure could use a change of body,
inhabiting a place beyond my wildest dreams,
my biggest nightmares fear..
a place I'm level on sinking sand..
reacquainting myself with Ptah, the true friend.
no questions.
no actions.
no consequences.
no reactions.
we, I, incapable of acting.
id happily give up this skin, bright..
i love in darkness.
Yashua taught We to be happy with what was bestowed,
i am.
willingly laying it down gently for something bigger than me.


Sunday, June 13

Think about it...

Organized lies out plays unorganized truths.
Thats why the government is gettin over on u

Saturday, June 12

Mountain Lily .

It is said that the most beautiful of flowers
are to be found on the highest mountain
tops and nestled in the most secluded valleys,
Like the ghetto queens that float gracefully
among the debris of shattered dreams,
hidden in the rankness of grime filled alleys.

These wild orchids and delicate lilys
continue to bud though no one is there to
behold their beauty or see it glisten,
Just as I continue to write my story shine
my light, compelled to tell my tale even in
the absence of someone to listen.

Determined resillience is balanced by a
fragile beauty and held in the perfection of
these sculptures of nature, unintentional
works of art,
Like the fire that blazes behind eyes set in
a tranquil face, the random combination of
a tortured soul mated with a peaceful

I am a mountain lily, born in the solitude of
ice-capped peaks, nurtured by the rain and
raised by the gentle breeze of life,
A flower capable of being destroyed by a
human hand, yet strong enough to endure
the elements and survive the harrowing
storms of my strife.

To find me, you must climb the treacherous
slopes of my defensiveness and search the
valleys of my being to uncover my spirit,
Which is carefully concealed and is the
map that will lead you to the highest peak
of my soul the place where my core is hid.

And on that sacred ground, you will find a
deeply rooted treasure a beauty that is
eternally pure and infinitely true.
You will have found the Mountain Lily,
have earned the honour of witnessing her
bud, and she will be content to bloom for
only you.


Tuesday, June 1

Black And Intelligent .

Being black and being intelligent can be deadly
Not physically but emotionally.

Often times I feel like I have to dumb myself down in order to keep from seeming stuck up or a MS. KNOW IT ALL. I often see my black brothers and sister who end up never amounting to
anything, and that's not where I want to be.

I am a young black girl who is happy being her. Happy being educated. Happy knowing that with a little bit of hard work, I can achieve the most high.

My own kind looks down on me because of this.

Because I want to rise above this chaos. Because I want to have a better life. I'm already left out because I appear to be too light. But what does it matter if my skin is of a butterscotch hue? Am I less of a black person? Am I unworthy of being with my own kind? So you see, I have it the worst. Due to my skin and my well spoken intellect.

At first I wanted to hide behind my ability to shift my swagger
And blend in with the quote on quote "Black" crew.
But now I've realized that I am no better or no less worthy to call myself black.

I am no longer afraid to be intelligent. I am no longer willing to hide me true self to satisfy someone's ego. I am going to be myself. A young girl who is now able to accept the fact that she is