Wednesday, September 8

I Miss When Life Was Easy..

most would say life was never easy for them and go on this long rampage about why they've had a more screwed up life than you. *still trying to figure out why that would even be a topic of discussion.* but there are also those people who don't take it out on the world and remain holding on knowing it's just part of life and growing up. knowing falling is not a option..

I have yet to free fall but I will say this:

life was definitely better when I was younger.

people today are quick to say if I had more money this and this but lets be real. we all know mo' money mo' problems. I say life was better when younger because I always had the time, I always had the energy, I always had the desire, friends were plentiful, laughs were generous, and the closest people around you remained the closest people. your job was to brighten others day, no mistakes were uncorrectable, and second chances felt like second chances. Love... well love was just love then.

[*insert good closing line here*]



JStar said...

Yea...I miss those days as well :)

Shay said...

Tuh. I couldnt have said it better myself. I feel like I grew up TOO fast and I always tell my little sisters to enjoy their time is kids because its no getting those times back. It's all just memories.

RavynRae said...

I know what you mean && I feel this way A we can appreciate the easier days that we once took for granted.

25champ said...

so true. Life was so innocent and when our parents try to prevent us frm lifes challenges we dared to be older not realizing that once u are grown u are grown for the rest of ur life. Thanks 4 sharing. Good Read!

Freckles said...

I recall wanting to be grown so bad. I would say I cant wait but now I wish I knew what I know now. This being an adult is for the bittersweet. I miss having the innocence of a child.

Great post sis.