Saturday, October 24

Break Room Brawl .

there are people in this world that count calories and a co-worker of mine is one of them . today she was in the break room with all her toppings to make a salad talking about how many calories she would be digesting if she was eating In & Out burger .

-I'm eating In & Out Burger.-

how instead of eating processed cow parts she has grilled chicken.

im eating processed cow parts. - stops chewing, looks at burger -

instead of "secret sauce" she has low fat ranch .

- wipes "secret sauce" from lips -.

does anybody else want to kick her in the throat ?! as i watch her thoroughly enjoying her salad and ruining my lunch, i get up from the table while taking a sip of pink lemonade. i savor the sweet tangy taste on my tongue and dump the rest on my co - workers head. i grab a handful of her "healthy" salad and smash it in her face and begin to explain to her that it does not matter what you eat as long as you burn the calories off. that if she was going to put loads of ranch, practically a whole chicken, more than "bits" of bacon, and realistically a bun worth of croutons she should have just had In & Out like other "great looking" Americans that eat In & Out for lunch.

Gwen you have a call on line one . - " huh ? "

" So by doing it this way, by the time i get off work i have burned these calories off and need to just have a light dinner . "

- takes another bite of burger and throws it in the trash-

I'm suppose to be on a diet . -_-

pennanddpaper .


Alexis! said...

I hate when people talk about it to that extreme, however I will admit sometimes I do talk about my weight loss and exercising because it's exciting when you're a big girl and start losing a noticeable about. /shrug As long as there's not bragging involved or craziness, I think it's okay. :)