Wednesday, November 4

Neglected Much ?

i must admit i have been neglecting my blog and all my wonderful followers - who i refer to as my specials because followers just sound so ... ugh, so i guess i should tell you guys whats been going on in my life, right ? okay .

for the last few days i have been walking more and more. just around. if you live where i live you will know that even while moving you cant expect nothing exciting to happen. my niece is out here for a few days though. we call each other cousin because shes a few months older than me even though I'm her "auntie" lol. shes way to funny. we tend to have a jolly ole time together. surprising since when we was younger, we barely could stand each other. its funny how time changes stuff.

when she first got out here it was pretty dead. us just posted up somewhere, looking for someone to hang with or just witness some "action" and like we expected : nothing. but she lived out here before so she already knew what was up. i figured it was because it was the beginning of the week, but it is now Wednesday and people will be starting to make those weekend plans today and tomorrow and i plan to have some plans too ! hmph.

yesterday wasn't to bad though. it started off slow but was a nice day of reminiscing and charms suckers ! yum ! got hit on by a very cute 25 YEAR OLD ! who was sitting in the backseat of some female car while she was driving and had another female in the passenger. so you have no car from what im seeing, sitting in the backseat not even the passenger seat, thinking you're a player if these bxtches are anything to you, your 25 hitting on a 18 year old who told you shes 18, and you have a metro cellphone ?! are you kidding me bowdy ! yuck ! cousin met some catt ass nigga, who SEEMED cool but then again i know first hand looks can be deceiving because him and his "cousin" who was "on the way" must have drove off the rode and DIED because suddenly no text replys or answered phone calls from him.

hm. i wonder what Gwen is going to say to her cousins friend when she sees him or talks to him ?

so we decided to go the bowling alley. after all i smelled too good and looked too good to be in the house last night, so we dipped. we made our way to the bowling alley where i whooped her twice in Fast and The Furious racing and we was *merkin niggas on some shooting game.

you know the game guys ! the one with the colorful guns, foot pedals to reload, and the like huge ass screens ?! yeaaaaa !

anyway we befriended a group of 4 white boys. surprisingly i went to school with one and had coincidentally seen the other earlier that day when we were at the park. my cousin, personally not into white guys. me, i dont discriminate. we both did agree on the fact 3 out of 4 were really cute ! so we gave them conversation until i got bored with them and decided to leave. as we are saying our goodbyes and turn to leave, minding our merry business and heading to the exit we see a group of black people.

5 nigs and 4 disgusted lookin hags.

before we could round the corner, the immaturity started .

"eh ma in the yellow. ma boy wanna talk to you . "
lets break down this sentence shall we.

  • eh ma ? - i don't have any children and i don't respond to being called like a fuckin animal
  • ma boy ? - that nigga better man up
  • want to talk to you ? - then HE should have got his ass up

the CORRECT way :

  • he should have gotten up
  • approached me
  • said excuse me
  • then proceeded with whatever else he was going to say

now whether or not i talk to you from that point is unknown but that's the ONLY way you can even think to get conversation let alone a "phone number" from me.

but anyway we went to ihop - i was hungry. was talking about all the events of the day when 2 really cute guys walk in.

guy 1 : milk chocolate - NOT dark , 6'1'' , tapered fade, nice teeth, green eyes, seemingly athletic build, and a great smile ! (african american, french)

guy 2 : honey brown, 6'3", lined up curls, dimples, muscular, great style, sexy smile, and something about his eyes ! (puerto rican, black, and asian )

now we're sitting in ihop at 12:30 at night so you can pretty much choose wherever you want to sit. they sit across the restaurant from us but still in our vision and obviously theirs. i of course ignore them. really don't care how "cute" they are, while my cousin occasionally glances at them a few times. after laughing at some of the ridiculous comments my cousin makes i excuse myself and go to the bathroom. when i come back what do you know, guy 1 is sitting at our table. i walk up and I'm like umm why is this fool eating off my plate ? before i could say a word he politely says :

" I'm sorry about being in your seat but i wanted to talk to your cousin and my friend wanted to talk to you . " did he say my friend ?! grrrr. " The plate switching was both our ideas and I'm sorry if it was too forward . if you're not okay with it i can go back to my table, although i was loving the company of your cousin very much ." woah ! how could i even be mad at him after saying words like that ? and his boy ? yum ! i just smile, because for once some bowdy has left me speechless. i approach the table of his friend and before i could say anything he asks " would you rather sit in the chair or on the booth side ? i wouldn't mind switching with you ." i politely decline and say the chair is fine and start to sit down, of course after him pulling out my chair 1st !

i hear marriage bells ! just kidding peeps.

so we eat together, both liking a lot of the same things like sports, genres of music, movies, actors/actresses, cars, and writers. i find out he is a 20 year old son of a air force veteran and a realtor, he has 1 older brother and 1 younger brother, he works for Sticky Rice Bistro - great restaurant, and drives a really nice 08 black on black infinite. hes single, has no kids, and goes to church. did i mention he wants to go back to school so he can study and become a director .

the time had come to say goodbye and as i reach for my purse he says " its already been taken care of ." now either i just hit the jackpot or this guy is a real well disguised asshole that will be surely getting cussed out and kicked to the curb in the near future after he REALLY shows his ass. but lets not jump to any conclusions yet. : )

he offers us a ride home, but mama didn't raise no fool and we decline. as we walk home i get a text message saying " i hope you don't mind but i considered this our 1st date. cant wait for the next."




freshkiddev said...

Yo ur blog is dope as fuck!!!!!!!!!
not tryin to spit game lmao but i like the way you put your thoughts together

Ladi Elle said...

Ohhhh Chile you better get on and stay on cuz he seems worth it!

Mone't.Neae said...

haahaha this is really nice! i was right there witchu girl! hahaha