Saturday, June 19

in my attempt to express myself, i hope i dont lose you..

i await the day Jah washes, burns, whisks us, all away.
i sure could use a change of body,
inhabiting a place beyond my wildest dreams,
my biggest nightmares fear..
a place I'm level on sinking sand..
reacquainting myself with Ptah, the true friend.
no questions.
no actions.
no consequences.
no reactions.
we, I, incapable of acting.
id happily give up this skin, bright..
i love in darkness.
Yashua taught We to be happy with what was bestowed,
i am.
willingly laying it down gently for something bigger than me.



Don said...

Powerful and well meaning prose as usual. I own a full understanding of Jah/Yashua and brief knowledge of Ptah. But I had to Google Oluodumare - my first time ever hearing the name.

Anyway, little do you or I know it but we have already freed our spirit. Still, I understand where you are coming from w/ the verse.