Saturday, June 26

Top Charted.

if you were a song
your melody would entice
the ears
flirt with the soul
and captivate the heart
your catchy rhythm
would cause involuntary
gyrations in the pelvic region
and generate unconscious
free style rhymes
within the mind
your lyrics
would be the envy
of the craftiest poet/mc
filled with
wondrous word play
miraculous metaphors
your baseline
would throb, pulsate
forcefully throughout the body
resulting in an irresistible urge
to jump up and get on down
everyone would
demand to get an hour
minute, second
of your phenomenal sound
good thing you're not
because then
I couldn't keep you
all to myself



e. said...

i love it... :)

*stacie-ann said...

thank you for visiting my site. check back soon. <3

Don said...