Tuesday, June 1

Black And Intelligent .

Being black and being intelligent can be deadly
Not physically but emotionally.

Often times I feel like I have to dumb myself down in order to keep from seeming stuck up or a MS. KNOW IT ALL. I often see my black brothers and sister who end up never amounting to
anything, and that's not where I want to be.

I am a young black girl who is happy being her. Happy being educated. Happy knowing that with a little bit of hard work, I can achieve the most high.

My own kind looks down on me because of this.

Because I want to rise above this chaos. Because I want to have a better life. I'm already left out because I appear to be too light. But what does it matter if my skin is of a butterscotch hue? Am I less of a black person? Am I unworthy of being with my own kind? So you see, I have it the worst. Due to my skin and my well spoken intellect.

At first I wanted to hide behind my ability to shift my swagger
And blend in with the quote on quote "Black" crew.
But now I've realized that I am no better or no less worthy to call myself black.

I am no longer afraid to be intelligent. I am no longer willing to hide me true self to satisfy someone's ego. I am going to be myself. A young girl who is now able to accept the fact that she is



RavynRae said...

So true. That's why some say "it's lonely at the top".

I rather find out the truth behind that myself...

Anonymous said...


心怡心怡 said...

you two make a lovely couple............................................................

Juanetta Dobbins said...

I completely understand how you feel. I've been going to primarily white schools for the past 8 years and I always got comments about how I was a "white girl". Just because I don't primarily speak ebonics && don't understand what the hell they're saying half the time doesn't make me white. Can't I just be an intelligent black female?
Love this post!
&& I'm one of your new followers.
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Don said...

You mean to tell me that you hadn't already accepted the fact that you are black and INTELLIGENT?

Man. If I were you I wouldn't give a fuck whether the next man or woman had a problem adjusting to me.

Live YOUR life.

Black people have some serious issues, don't we? My own kind looks down on me because of this.

Shay said...

Tuhh . I know this tale oh too well. "You got out the hood, so you think you better than us?" "Why you always using big words?" -rolls eyes- BLACK AND INTELLIGENT! AND I'M DAMN SURE PROUD :)

Rashad said...

i can relate to this situation as well no matter what tone of black you are we're always going to be down talked by our own kind due to their own self ignorance,but like you said just continue to do you and careless about what people have to say cuz @ the end of the day they don't matter

Poppy said...

That is something a lot of black women have to go through to fit in with their own people. We just have to be true to ourselves and if others cant accept it, then those aren't people we need in our lives.


e. said...

i love your poems... i keep hitting that older posts button to read more. :)