Friday, November 13

NEW Chris Brown - Crawl

so i came across the new CB video and of course on YouTube there is a plethora of different opinions, but since this is Blogger i am free to say what i want without all the scrutiny.

i personally think Chris did his thang and that people are being way to harsh on him by saying it was " wack " "weak " and " he needs to give it up " . i mean lets be real, if he had never did what he did to Rihanna everybody would still be hanging from his nut sac ! sure what he did wasn't cool, but people make mistakes and if they were both just regular people NOT in the spotlight it wouldn't have got the publicity it did nor would any of us had gave it a second thought. he is still a very talented artist aside from his personal choices made and the song was good. i don't think he should give it up or just quit. he is way to talented and was one of the biggest young stars in the industry before that incident with him and Rihanna took place. suddenly because he loses control and shows hes actually human and not some perfect polished plaything nobody likes him or his music ? pathetic.

pennanddpaperr .


RoByn LaTice said...

Personally I like the video too. I thin its cute. And as much as Im not for a guy "begging", I LOVE the song..every word. And agreed, people nee to get off of him. I was never a big fan, but I like his music and I will continue to like it unless his MUSIC starts to get bad. People are being to harsh..

RoByn LaTice said...

P.s- Im leaving you an award on my blog! :)

Nicole Andrea said...

I agree 100%

Lyric Dysin said...

I tell people time and time again, "As long as musical artists allows their music to crowd the ears of the viewing public more than their personal lives, their career can survive." As for this song, Chris Brown nailed it. If only he can pull more hits like this out from under his sleeve, people will eventually cut him some slack. But if his music stops or it isn't so topnotched that it can easily be ignored, so shall he. R. Kelly understood this. I wish the late great M.J. would have accepted this. Please don't stop the Music!