Thursday, November 5

A Walk With No Food .

for the people that wanted to know:

" i usually just write what randomly comes to me. sometimes i want to be deep and sometimes I'm just writing out the side of my neck .. since I'm not necessarily " talkin "
lol - that make sense ??

last night, as me, my cousin and 2 friends are leaving one friends house we walk past a Taco Bell. then a Burger King, drove by a In && Out and a McDonald's and finally walked past another McDonald's , when i had a epiphany ! - " I need to go to Tiffany's ! " Nicki Minaj is a fool for that lol but nahh ...

how the eff is people that are walking suppose to get " fast food " if the only things open late at night are drive thrus ! they ain't going to let niggas walk through that bxtch so wth are we suppose to do ? lol

when i voiced my opinion about this, my cousin and 2 friends thought it was funny and a game but i was dead serious . i mean really, what if i was homeless and hungry and had just made 3 bucks and shit and was feigning for a burger and not a "hit" and fa'sho didn't have no car, how would i get my burger that i just know is going to be schmackin ! when i cant walk in and i cant drive thru ?

" that could really eff up a persons night."

pennanddpaperr .


RoByn LaTice said...

Lmao. During freshman year of college me and my bestfriends walked thru McDonalds drive thru. It was located across the street from our dorms, neither one of us were allowed to have our cars freshman yr. We laughed the whole time..cause we actually were in the drive thru line. One car in front of us and 2 behind us..walking! Damn shame..but they let us buy food! lol!