Sunday, November 22

NEW Beyonce ft Lady Gaga

woah ! what the hell was Beyonce thinking in this video ?! most artists don't have much say in the things they wear or do in their videos but Beyonce is a mega star and this was just ..smh. "speak up nigga !" i of course have read a couple hundred opinions about the performances of both Beyonce and Lady Gaga in this video and you know what, I don't give a damn because my opinion is the only one that matters. nah just kidding. YOU guys opinions too ! ( :

umm where was i going with this ? ... oh yea !

this video was awful. just garbage in my opinion. sure it had the two biggest stars in music in the same video but it just didnt do nothing for me. i didnt even want to snap my fingers to it because i was really looking at Beyonce like "what the hell are you doing ? " I'm glad to see Beyonce has got her weight back up though. for a minute she was looking as though she was going to disappear. (MTV Awards/Jay-Z The Blueprint III concert on Fuse) from the beginning i was completely lost and could easily see that the video was going to have nothing to do with the song, let alone Beyonces little "outfits." I'm not sure where they were going with the little things they were doing and playing with but it was a hot ass mess. i do like the song though. DIGG Lady Gaga but not exactly a fan of her being on the remix. shes artistic and a good artist in her own right and i applaud her effort to step outside the box. her lyrical content and vocal styling wasnt as bad as i assumed it wouldve been on a R&B track either. i have listened to the Telephone song they have out and hm, its another controversial subject of like and dislike. big ups to both ladies coming together and shaking up the scene a bit, but im just not sold.

" Can we get ANOTHER remix ! "

pennanddpaperr .


T-Charry said...

i am a HUGE Beyonce fan, but just like ANY other one of her videos, besides "If I Were A Boy", the video had NOTHING to do with the song...just A LOT of nothing going on, LoL! I DID like all the colors and outfits, they looked good on B! But I really was expecting more substance...

Stephanie said...

I was kind of speechless after this video. All I could say was WTH. I was so confused as well. Like T-Charry: I was expecting something a little different then what I saw. I watched the video twice and have not watched it again. hehehe

RoByn LaTice said...

lol. None of her recent videos ever have anything to do with the actual lyrics. So I've come to expect them all to be full of dancing and Randomness! But...I actually liked this video. Hate the actual remix..but I liked the outfits and color in the video.