Friday, December 11

Slap That Nigga Back !

it has been forever since i have written something. geez what have i been doing with my life peeps? NOT A DAMN THING ! smh. todays subject ? hm theres so many.

thinking... thinking...

oh i got it ! something that made me almost spit out my fruit punch vitamin water.

there they were. a average Jody and a average Joe. a average pair. a regular couple. everything seemed to be alright between the two and neither deserved more than 5 seconds of attention but Jody herself received about 30 of mine. (she had on really cute shoes ( : as i sat and sipped, they mosied on to their car where they shared a kiss. she drops his hand to get in on her side of the car and Joe wipes his mouth and follows. he reaches her side of the car, grabs her by the shoulder and LITERALLY SLAPS THE HELL OUT OF HER ! ... gasp ! ...

what happens next !!!!? I'm getting there, I'm getting there.

after she quits seeing splotches and colors and shit she starts to cry. no why?, no crazy look, no WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR?!! seemingly apologetic for getting the shit slapped out of herself.

ooh wee ! -clenches fist and rocks back and forth in seat-

Joe has walked back to his side of the car. unnerved that his gf/wife/fiance/side chick whatever could be blacking out or shit! have a damn concussion with that supreme pimp slap he landed on home girl, and is getting into the car. she is trying to talk to him but he pushes her, closes his door and proceeds to back the hell up and bounce ! poor Jody, there she was looking lost. like she got mugged, lost her puppy, and got dumped all in the same day. she walks over to where I'm sitting.

yal, i ain't say a damn thing because you cant just get in anybodies business these days and sometimes folks don't know how to react to being helped. plus if my ass had just been slapped across the parking lot i would be trying to be invisible. psh.

she looks over at me, i can see her looking out of my peripheral, attempts to say something then stops short and says nothing.

okay, maybe shes not ready. lets try again.

another look, and finally "do you have cigarette?"

a cigarette? i guess she needed something to calm them nerves.

"nah sorry i don't smoke. i have some gum though."

lol wtf was i thinking? gum? what was she going to do, inhale the spearmint on the wrapper! smh.

she replies "no thanks" and continues to try nursing her very obvious bruise.

GODDAMN ! i wish i had took a picture !

i wasn't able to hold my tongue for much longer and i started to talk to her. she told me about Joe, how he has been "the love of her life" for the past TWO ABUSIVE years. how hes 4 years older than her and her moms always had a "feeling" about him.

bet she wish she would've listened now. hmph.

how he had cheated on her twice and always begged to come back. to be better for her and there 1 year old little girl. how she moved from her home state with him for his job relocation. how she has no friends and cant have anyone in the house because hes jealous AND how that was her car that he smashed off with.

no offense but if i was just reading what i wrote i would think sista girl was white but NOPE ! she was a sistah.


i know abuse has no race but alot of times white girls take that abuse shit like a champ. usually a sister would clock a nigga back or hell call "pookie and dem" and get the shit popping but here was this poor little black girl lost without a pot or a window. smh.

i asked her where her daughter was and she said daycare. she breaks down crying about how she just wants to go home. how he can have whatever is in the house, the car, the money in the accounts but just wants to go home. some real Tina Turner shit, yal. so i take her to get her baby AFTER buying Jody a jacket. it was cold as hell outside. and wait with them both at grey hound. i buy her a ticket, gave her my number and some money, and wished her luck. she gets on the bus and all i can hope is that she takes this experience as a lesson learned and uses it as motivation to better herself and her daughters life. (super cute little girl)


i know it has got to be hard dealing with a man whooping your ass. in fact, i know it is. i have been abused before and its no picnic but it took me ONE time to get my ass up and leave. to sit there and have some sick ass person hit me because they cant control their emotions is ridiculous. it actually makes me think of the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation. everybody made the situation into some huge thing when from many reliable sources, it wasn't the first time. now wtf is her problem? shes pretty, rich, solid career, seems to be a good person despite her darkening appearance, and has spoken multiple times about how supportive and loving her family is; so what took you so long to call the police? are you really that desperate? that lonely? that insecure? its only going to take a normal person a couple times to get tired of that meaningless word sorry before it clicks that this nigga ain't sorry. this nigga need some help ! but there they are. thousands of women making excuses, living lies, and feeling god knows how many emotions to where they don't want to get out of bed let alone look at themselves in the mirror. bitch, can you get a blunt/drink/pack of cigarettes, pick your poison and slap the share my world Mary J album and watch waiting to exhale!

maybe I'm coming off a little harsh, FUCK YOU ! I'm just blunt and straightforward ! but fareal, i sympathize with any woman that has faced a abusive time in their lives and i commend those that have came out of it stronger and wiser but it should not take a person having to put their hands on you for you to see the light or should theyre be some little person; child, involved for you to want to get out. many would say its a process and hey, whatever you say. you wouldnt sit there and consistentaly burn yourself knowing its going to hurt. why let somone use you as their personal punching bag knowing that shit aint no type of turn on. life is precious and its not to be taken for granted.

and after saying that,

fuck the physical attachments; the sex cant be that good and the nigga that fine. fuck the emotional attachments; love isn't suppose to hurt. and SUPER fuck that nigga for even thinking hes of any other sex besides BITCH because REAL MEN dont hit women.




RoByn LaTice said...

Wow @ that story in the beggining..almost seems unreal. [I definitely was thinking she was white..] && that was definitly a nice gesture from you. I hope she doesnt return to the scum...that drove off in her shit. SMH! Well said. Agree 100%. Never been there but definitly agree, guys who hit women are just bitches! Wish those women had your strength to leave.

sheiswinterwest said...

Wow.. This story is crazy deep! You had me cracking up when she asked if you had a cigarrette and you said no I have gum! Lol but seriously that was nice of you to buy her a ticket and a jacket and what not. I hope she can get her life back on track, no one deserves to be treated like that.. You have a good heart mama!

Dezvon Justin said...

This might be my favorite post of all time, usually I dont even read blogs this long, but this one was too interesting. I totally commend you on your gestures, and I also agree with you on everything you said about domestic violence. I wanna also agree with the person above me when I say you really do have a good heart.

ThinkGoHard said...

I'm against domestic violence but if a woman slaps me for a reason that I don't believe I deserve I will slap her back. Never ball up my fist but women and men should never fight. If you don't cross that line I wont. If you take it upon yourself to strike me I have the right to protect myself. I'm not going to beat up a woman but I will protect myself.

xxxx said...

i would say thats a mess and wow i cant believe it doesnt happen but reality is that it does. a friend of mine had to relocate to get away from her abusive husband. i went throug it when i was sixteen. its something i relate to and i see with my friends today. i hope she doesnt return to him but most likely she will.. poor thing

SinfulLyo said...

i've never understood the dynamics of abusive relationships. i've taken so many victimology courses and watched so many testimonials and sat through lectures with victims but i still do not understand. the alienation, the dependency, the mental/verbal abuse, and the steps leading up to the actual physical abuse... it boggles my mind how people don't recognize these warning signs and react promptly. i've gotten into SO MANY heated class discussions on the topic but my stance has always remained the same: get the fuck out. end story. no excuses. forget money. forget fear. forget the facade of love you're succumbing to and LEAVE. staying is signing your own death certificate!