Sunday, December 27

Picasso ?

what would you say if I told you that art can be found anywhere? In anything? That the things some people would frown down and sneer at could be a art?

Like what? Like rolling a blunt.

Yea you read correctly. Rolling a blunt. The expertise it takes to fill a swisher with your choice of fixings and roll it up with no loose ends or unnecessary saliva.

Easy. You think?

There's something about sitting there easily breaking down your weed, gutting, wetting and filling the swisher that can easily intimidate a regular person. How do I get the weed inside? How do I re-roll it? How do I get it to stick? The need to create a clean finish so that the lungs can easily welcome the filtered smoke. The personal way of holding your hands that folds the contents into a single bar. The simple feeling of pride when its done while those around you appreciate it for just what it is. Among the many trys to accomplish this task and unsuccessfully achieving the goal one can get frustrated and sloppy. Possible swisher ripping from it being too wet and a inability to keep a steady hand.

Have you ever seen someone roll a blunt, figured you could do it and ran into this problem? Then you know sometimes it takes a artist.



Hello Kela said...

lol..this is nice

rosyy.* said...

Deep thought!
I see someone roll everyday.
She does it so smoothly too O.o

Good Job (:

JStar said...

I stopped by to check you out...All I can do is laugh at this post LMAO...I am going to refrain from commenting since everything we do on the internet is tracked so I am not trying to incriminate myself lol...Nice blog tho