Sunday, December 27

The Results Are In ...

and Nicki Minaj is The Most Overrated Artist !
she won by 18% clocking 45% to strip the title from both Beyonce and Lil Wayne with matching 27% scores.

well Nicki, seems the new ass implants and animated rap style isnt enough to win everyone over but dont worry girl ! you still have niggas mind fucking you while disregarding your talent and females losing their minds and their damn selves trying to be you. bravo !

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LaTonya Bynum said...

Never heard of Nicki so I will have to check her out on Youtube. I am loving your blog.

Supastarrr said...

lmao DEF most overrated.

T-Charry said...

I don't care what ANYBODY says, I LOVE Nicki...she's a BEAST and SEXY as hell!

Thanks for the follow boo!

* ! zodiac ! * said...

even though i voted for wayne i can see why people voted for nicki, i mean i have alot of love for her however she isnt bringing anything new to the game that i haven't seen or heard before and at times her voice can be more irritating than rihanna's and this whole "barbie" thing is something she should have left in the dust because what is a grown woman doing claiming that she was made by mattel? im 16 and im not with it! lol, but she's just another product of lil wayne so i guess the results aren't surprising