Tuesday, December 22

He: The Ignorant .

i feel as though men, Black men are so easily seduced by the wrong things. like this myth of the 'hood', fast cash, the superficial comparison to success. believing that these informal friendships and communities are just going to falter without them poisoning its people. there they are completely undermining their own best interests by misguidedly favoring this "hustlers mentality" only to preserve their ghetto neighborhoods and their "food" because they have to "eat" when in fact the 'hood' itself is not what it has been made out to be. there are no 'hoods' until gang like opportunists rush in and fill it up with fear and poison. it makes me wonder if maybe the troubled relationship between African American men and women is where the problem stems. slavery and racial oppression engendered it, and poverty, economic insecurity, and lingering racism sustain it. there quick to always blame society and America but how much truth is in that? we have strong, beautiful black women that will stand by there men and weather many a storm for them but have men inflicting these society imposed wounds upon themselves by betraying those who love them. how? by the ways they bring up and abandon their children, their self indulgences, the ways they relate, or fail to relate, to each other, the values and attitudes they cherish and the ones they choose to disregard, denials and deceits and of course through their ideas about their neighborhoods. or could it be rap? it has been reduced to another version of violence obsessed white rock. they sit around embracing this misogynistic, self loathing noise of 'gangsta rap' sponsored by Euro-American companies and ignore the fact the lyrical content is full of rhymes of malice that ultimately you cant relate to but conform to fit. im not saying im right but because only they as individual men can find the antidote to heal themselves, i have nothing more to say.



Chymere said...

Well first I'd like to say that I am BEYOND flattered that such a beautiful writer also likes my work. This post was amazing and I'm just gonna go back and read some more. Your thoughts are right on the lines of mine...just when I thought I was all alone. Great work. We are sparking a REVOLUTION and thats our connection.

Shay said...

you word things so perfectly . i sometimes worry about the young men of our generation so caught up in the hype they cant see whats real . its a shame . beautifully written .

btw good looks on the follow & comments :) & i never fail to return the favor .

Shay .

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