Thursday, May 27


*thanks Twin! he busted out his baking skills for me, lol*

that was the theme of my 19th birthday shindig last night.

like my boy @FadedFelix - said "...i'm glad you lived 2 tell the tale lol."

*face in hands shaking head "Me TOO!" lol*

i figured after a 8 hour shift at work, passing my last two finals with A's at school, and just looking waaaay fresh, i didn't need to go home. for what? to try finding space in my closet for some new shit ima buy with all the moolah and gift cards i received and watch reruns of Sex & The City; i can do that annnnyyytime!

to my potnahs house we fled.

*names wont be mentioned to protect the innocent.*

only my major cool folks in attendance with their minds on the same ahem, festivities as myself.

major rounds, crazy toasts, and no less than a dub rolled in each blunt we played dominoes and slapped "That's My Jam!"s into the night.

i would share some of the pure comedic moments but you weren't there and probably not high so you wouldn't even get it lol.

....damn i should've took pictures!

but its cool, i got it up here. *points to noggin and smiles*



25champ said...

Glad u enjoyed urself. 19 was a blur 4 me lol. I'm pretty sure i was f 'd up though.

Shay said...

Lol . I'm gladd you had funn !!!

Anonymous said...

dang i wish i was there! LOVE that cake! glad you had fun! i smoked with yall in spirit LMAO


JStar said...

LOL...Sounds like you enjoyed your B-day!!! To the fullest :)