Saturday, May 15

My Smile Is Losing Weight .

I remember the days my cheeks had stretch marks
And someone could probably count all of my teeth
But now lately my face has become droopy, sluggish,
Some say it looks I'm not getting any sleep
The gap on my face used to stretch and curve for miles
But now it's a straight line that's extremely petite
Never knew a smile could be anorexic
Maybe I should get off this stress diet and find some joys to eat.



SinfulLyo said...

as silly as it sounds you just have to take joy in the little things. small children laughing, sunshine, lemonade trucks, the smell of BBQ all make me smile. but that's because i'm a fatass and i know that SUMMER'S HERE. so smile just because it's the best season everrrr :)

Shay said...

girlll , i feel 100% . THere are days when I am on top of the world *like the time we spoke on twitter* and then today and just seemed there was no joy . i dont know . but like sinfullyo said you have to find joy in the little things.

Dee Lilly said...

word up...but i also just try to find the joy in little things...TRY...

Traci Lavette said...

Stress is like that! I'm a frequent visitor. We gotta get to the point where we can say "I reject YOU!"