Sunday, May 23

May I Speak Freely?

I think she really dislikes me.

Not me but the things I have.

No, wait...

Yea, the things I have.

I used to think this thought was me being a complete #Spoiled #Conceited #Bitch (woah I need to stay off twitter lol) but looking at it over a lengthy span of time, I'm seeing, It is what it is and this is what it is.

She's never been ahead of me in anything. Relationships, Gear, Socially, Grades, Life period. I've endured the less pain, the less disappointment... and the rest of that shit people who've had it hard, say to somehow make anyone who hasn't been through the Exact shit feel guilty.

Having seen this #fact for awhile now, I've reached out. Tried to connect, BeClose, tiiiiiiight, folks! but who I am and who she is & steady becoming isn't meant to be, even if I wrote the story.

I love her regardless, but I refuse to forever be blamed for my proactive-ness in my life because 1) i pay for everything I have 2)have been through my share of pain but refuse to let it keep me down 3) and know my worth.♥

I hate to say it but, Get Like Me!



JStar said...

Its her loss then...Some people are only meant to be in your life for a season...Not forever...Maybe you were just too much for her to handle. Maybe she was too envious...I had a friend like that once...She always had more than me, never experienced the pain I dealt with...The abuse...Yes, I envied her in a way...But her carefree attitude helped me through life...Not to take everything so seriously...We were close our entire lives....From the age of 2, and she passed away right before her 21st birthday...I was 5 mths older than she....We would have remained friends til this day....You have to love and respect a person for who they truly are...

Traci Lavette said...

My goodness! I never knew you were "...#Spoiled #Conceited #Bitch"...I'm either biased or have blinders on! Whoa, Baby!!! LOL!!

Anyway...I had someone in my life just like that and I still tried to hold on because we'd been through so much together. But I realized when they say "keep your enemies close" just how close she really was and I opted to release. Had to. She was unhealthy for what I was trying to do in life and she became way to suspect.

I trust you to do the right thing when the timing is right for you. It's so unfortunate to have that type of person in your circle...especially when you've done nothing but be YOU! Damn!

RavynRae said...

We all know 1 too many people like that. That just the way IT is.

Don said...

@ traci: believe me when i promise you that it's not only hard but too much time consuming, mentally and emotionally, trying to keep enemies close. man. i just say eff 'em, and stay up on my square.

@ gwen: what is the relation? yep. nosy as hell.

25champ said...

Sometimes in life you n ur " on " friends grow apart. It's sad, but it's okay as well. I've been thru my share of pain and I hav friends who resent me because I have experienced there if I aint been thru enough. UnderQualified I guess, but you know what if you are doing good, feeling good and she can't understand that than what kind of friend is she to resent you in any way. I real friend wouldn't wish their pain on anyone. Good Read!