Thursday, May 13

Time Machine .

*thanks for passing it on Keisha and Tzi. friggin love you super cool peeps!

Time Machine via

1. Three truths you learned by the time you were ten-years old.

2. Three beliefs you still have, despite the truth.

3. Three things that feel like heaven.

4. Three things that feel like hell.

5. Three pieces of nature that are massive.

3 Truths I learned by Age 10

* Santa Clause is ... a big fat phoney! << remember that from Family Guy?!! lol
* when you shave you cant do it dry. you NEED water and shave cream dawg.
* at this age, you WILL look back and laugh at how you dressed

3 Beliefs I Still Have, Despite the Truth

* MJ was never broke.
* you can be in a committed relationship and never cheat... -__-
* Tupac is alive!!

3 Things That Feel Like Heaven

* looking good, feeling good, sun shining, mad shit to get into... when everything is going right.
* more $$ on ya paycheck than you calculated *thumbs up*
* poetry and lyrics that speak of your past and paint your present.

3 Things That Feel Like Hell

* unaware of a blinding love until your eyes are no longer dilated...
* Heat.
* everything going wrong... luck is undiscovered.

3 Pieces of Nature That Are Massive

* Does shit count? Lol..this world is full of it.
* Giraffes.
* Green grass. But no side is greater.

Ten to one was better.



JStar said...

LOL...Girl Tupac is no longer alive...You aint see his autopsy pic??? lol...

Don said...

Three things that feel like Heaven appear to be my sentiments exactly.

Heat does have that effect. Definitely.

They didn't have to kill Tupac.

@Jstar: It could have been a fake! Ha!

Shay said...

Girllll, I was going to do this too but most of our shit is the same lol *rolls eyes* naturally. But umm, I think Tupac is still alive too ! Lmao . He gonna pop up one day .

Tzitzi said...

:) Glad you did this