Monday, May 17

Who Am I You Say?

Who am I you say?
Oh a woman destined for success,
With Native African roots,
I'm guaranteed to flex.

Who am I you say?
Just a woman with dignity,
Who puts pride in herself,
With the utmost scrutiny.

Who am I you say?
Another independent chick,
Who has her own money,
and won't settle for a broke guy,
with a nice stick.

Who am I you say?
Someone who keeps it real,
Who won't give a damn,
about how you and your home girls feel.

Who am I you say?
A lady with integrity,
Who'll only accept the best,
To represent M*E*

...Hold on....
...........Let me flip the script..........

Who am I you say?
Maybe you shouldn't be concerned,
Is that what you lack in life
No business of your own to learn?

Who am I you say?
No, who are you?
Present me with an answer,
I waiting....
Cause as of now,
I'm through



Traci Lavette said...

Liked this GB! A lot! And stick to it ALL. Destined for success? I know you are and I'm proud of that! It's what we all need to strive for...I know I do. A chick with her own? That's what's up. It's how it should be.

JStar said...

Love it!!!!

Don said...

Love the flip of script, midway.

This is pretty much what I find myself thinking if and when the question is directed towards myself @ Who am I you say?
No, who are you?

Except you expressed a kinder reply.

Shay said...


Brillant. I love it. People always want you to elaborate on who you are. Tuh. I know who I am, but can you tell me who you are.

Good Job Twin :)