Tuesday, May 18

Two Fourty-Seven AM

i had a lot to say.

before my moms slow ass laptop took its time to load and i suddenly became fatigued.

i was thinking i would just spill my emotions out into this post and let the numerous eyes that read judge me for the things i would say... and then i thought me saying what i originally wanted to say out of another whirlwind of emotions would be easier in a 10 - 1, but i didnt want to speak background words that would never reach the soundtrack....

and now...


i don't even want to mention the words i wanted so badly before to say because, the subject isnt worth my time or energy. in fact as i write these words and my eyelids become heavier, i can't remember why i ever wanted to utter them.

oh wait.

because i was looking for comfort.

some divine act to make me suddenly feel better about everything and stop this rollercoaster ride, some random tweet to make me smile and never have flipped up and ran toward the keys.

guess it won't be happening tonight...



JStar said...

I understand Gwen...All you seek WILL come to pass...If you dont feel like writing out your feelings in this post...Write them somewhere if only for your eyes to read...Or tell someone...Get this off of you chest!

Anonymous said...

i know what you mean! what i do is open up a Notepad thingie and write out what I REALLY feel and then save it on my desktop (no one else will read it) and it kinda sit there for a couple of days; then whatever was bothering me is resolved/over and I simply delete the Notepad note! Its fun reading them too when you're "in the zone" and it just come out that way! take care


RavynRae said...

I always get that feeling *sigh*