Wednesday, May 19

When A Scorned Woman Heals .

* i just want to say that this was my attempt to Educate the mass of women that follow my blog and might just happen to stop by and read this on how not to get bitter but Better after being hurt. it is not the end of the world but a stepping stone to reaching our Greatest Potential..*

When a scorned woman heals

She looks in the mirror at beauty
She don't just give up the booty
She is more than a woman

She's a queen
She's the backbone to her race
She does everything with grace

When a scorned woman heals

She is not the skin she's in
It doesn't matter if she's plump or thin
She let's her assets shine (Skill)

She's a mother, friend, sister, or
Lover with no problem with strings
She's not caught up with little things

When a scorned woman heals

She let's her Diva status show
She is a showstopper
Turning away all the bed hoppers

She's smart and strong
She's too fierce for any man's arm
She's the power couple all on her own

When a scorned woman heals

She begins with a kneel
She worships her god
She holds her faith
Knowing the man in the black race is becoming extinct

She's let real love in
She's not judging your sin
She's loving you genuine
Pay close attention to see if your scorned woman has healed!



Anonymous said...

I really liked this :D

Shay said...

Dont Get Bitter Get Better ! I Love It !

JStar said...

This is so beautifully written!