Saturday, May 8

Step Outside Of Yourself.

It didn't bother me when it happened.

I wouldn't have even noticed it...

If it weren't for his black & green Nike shock jogging shoes.

They caught the suns rays and gleamed like a liquid chemical running down the street.

I remember him across the street and walking at the same pace. Maybe me a little slower than he.

I mean had to be? since he beat me to the light and across the street...

The remaining way to my destination I lagged behind.

Me being who I am and he who he was and the situation being what it was sparked this whole comparison to life and the white man. How although we have influential people of color that are recognized, being a common person myself we are steady struggling to become a mere number counted.

My brown frame simply trotting along as if I didn't have somewhere to be, a purpose, a place. Enjoying nature, a unlimited play list, and worried about my hair and clothes staying in place. He, headphones, probably playing something boring, to me, was moving fluidly. Was all about getting there and making it. Quicker than me.

He was serious.

I've listened to many African Americans complain about every race, especially white people, weather it had to do with opportunities, way of life, differences, and although at times I've had to agree, most of the time I couldn't help but be disappointed in my own people.

Just bitching.

Not being able to get a job, keep a job, advancement opportunities, simply equal opportunity.

Look at our tactics. Look at our ethics.

We don't put half as much time into our education as we do when it comes to what we're wearing when we go to get that education. We don't put half as much time into doing our jobs like we do when we're in desperate need looking for one. We don't think about saving money for a rainy day until its not just raining but pouring and you need money to just exist.

We don't think past tomorrow let alone next week.

We don't think to run instead of walk.



Fabnay said...

This is a touching poem. I love it esp "look at our tactics. look at our ethics". This was def an eye opener for me. I took it as...instead of blaming other people for your downfalls sometimes you just have to blame yourself.

Don said...

When you aim, I see how you aim directly at a person's heart. Therefore one cannot help but feel the food for thought 'consistently' being offered.

There is really nothing more to add. I am in full agreement with pretty much everything stated.

Question: why do you personally believe this has become the line of thought of many? Where will it eventually lead?