Monday, March 29

For Me ?!

today i received The Beautiful Blogger award from the very entertaining Cook.The.Poet @

*leans back in chair, sighs, and big smile appears on face*

you have no idea how good it feels to be selected to receive this award. i have quite a few now where some have never experienced receiving one so every time after the first one, which by the way is still very much a wonderful memory, is simply a humbling experience. thank you SO much Cook for giving me this award and all the other amazing people that follow my blog or occassionally pop in. I LVE YOU GUYS!
*enough of the awards show acceptance speech lol... sorry i just get reaaallly happy (:

So the rules go as followed::

*-Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.*

-Copy the award and paste it to your blog.-

*Pass this award on to 15 fantastic bloggers you have discovered. *

-Contact your nominations and let them know they've won.-

*drum roll*

Chymere @<---- beautiful writer , always something uplifting and inspirational

Sandi @ <---- her random tidbits are definitely worth stopping by to read

Miss Traci @ <---- she definitely has a way with words and posts are always The Truth

Ashbee @ <---- her blog tells the truth with no apologies. she beats me to a lot of my own topics lol.

Caroline @ <---- she's a newbie to me but i'm already digging her straightforward choice of words *thumbs up*

Ravyn @ <---- she's had me following her posts since My Pen "Gosh! i felt you girl." lol

Chloe @ <---- i mean c'mon, she likes the Golden Girls ! that in itself is deservant of this award. I LOVE them brawds!

Tashay @ <---- point blank , she makes me feel as though im sane. ♥


so uhm, you know what you and i have all just realized? *shrugs* ... that was nowhere near 15 bloggers lol. i guess i can't hide the fact i dont follow many people now huh. honestly, i have been meaning to change this fact. maybe now will be the best time since we are all giving shout outs to our personal favs. a lot of blogs i follow are written by interesting people that like interesting people sooooo yeaaaaa (: *makes a mental note to take the intiative to read everybodies awardees Tomorrow because she is too tired Tonight* <--- with that being said ... zzzz!



Shay said...

Aw Gwen :) Gracias ! I have to do it when I get a chance .

Skezerrrr said...

ahh im honored! thanks so much!!!!! :D

Cook.ThePoet. said...

Congrats & I looove the layout.


Anonymous said...

Thank you love!!! and I'll be checking out the others too!