Monday, March 1

You Deserve A Oscar .

i figure it has to be act.

it cannot be possible to have a body that holds a heart with no soul and a brain with no conscious. although, time and time again weather its my own personal experiences or others it has been proven that these douche lords are 24/7 devoted to their craft; negatively changing lives. i cant count on my fingers how many times i have heard someone say that He uttered the meaningless words, i never meant to hurt you. of course AFTER he was out dancing up on Mariah, kissing up on Christina, or banging Shannon. I'm starting to realize that we have been living blind lives ladies. we have, as women have evolved, discredited these males and gave no second thoughts to them and their games because we seemingly had it all figured out: play hard to get, seem uninterested, and hold tight to our well thought out standards. BUT after time and time again coming toe to toe with these creatures and their webs of unplanned, uncertain smooth ways those things prove unreliable in comparison. we lose our minds, lives, and purpose. too wrapped up in his happiness, dreams, and growth. later looking back on all you could have accomplished, all hes inheriting, and what the next will appreciate. they're naturally unrelentless beings who before they could walk knew how to manipulate their mothers and make their fathers proud...

Rihanna said it best, Take a bow .



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