Monday, March 1

The Menstural Cycle .

although a lovely reminder of femininity to many woman every month, it has came at the worst time for a irregular cycled young Gwen.

*sighs and recounts the days events*

I'm doing great with working out six days a week and eating right. going hard, sweating it out, and feeling more motivated than the day before everyday i approach the gym doors. that was until Mother Nature twirled her strawberry blonde hair around her finger and kicked up her Manolo Blahniks to review her list of favorable candidates she doesn't get the chance to fuck with often !

*imagines herself shredding the list, taking Mother Natures shoes, and grabbing a handful of whatever sweet candies that are in her candy dish on her desk and walking out with a smile and a bouncy head of curls.*

three days ago i was perfectly fine. although very much alive and feeling the slight cramps, Gwen was on top of it with a heating pad and brisk walking and stretching to endure.

then today came...

*Psycho movie theme music*

weather it was me staying up till 5 am to finish watching GI Jane on TV, which by the way cut out alot of good parts and dialogue, or this lovely gift God has bestowed upon my life, i didn't want to wake up or get out of bed today. after breakfast i figured i had to at least attempt my normal regime since while i was up last night i ate a bowl of Pops. convincing myself my stomach was growling and it wasn't just the insanity i was inflicting upon myself because the sugar coated corn pops was seducing my psych. i did two 3/5 intervals, 3 minutes running, 5 minutes walking, that took me to my sisters house. where while there i put down a mini snickers and had a Weight Watchers popsicle instead.

*sits up straight and smiles to herself. seemingly proud.*

too bad it was cold and looked like it was going to rain when i decided to leave which totally put a dampen on my somewhat motivated spirits to jog back home, so i walked. until i saw my hate to be attracted to him curly-haired-green-eyed-mixed-race 'associate' that works at Kragens. a little bit of talking, avoidance of eye contact on both parts, and a unofficial promise to write him on MySpace i was yet again motivated to jog at least another 4 1/2 minutes back with a slight smile on my face. JERK !

*Gwen hugs knees to chest and frowns but slowly frown fades and a slight smile appears.*

anyway, getting back home and doing six crunches for good measure i gave it up and hit the showers. started a new book, Dice by T.N. Baker, and cooked dinner. baked fish, veggies, and brown rice. i figured this was alright considering i had only had one meal today, breakfast. multiple episodes of my favorite show, Sex and The City, and i was once again feeling as though Carrie was speaking my hearts feelings and minds unwritten words. but go figure! Miranda fresh from having a baby, was eating everything delicious in sight and thoroughly enjoying it when there it was. Temptation. on my flat screen in HD. rearing its chocolate glazed head in my face.

i closed my eyes, took a moment and a deep breath, and got up. switching my leaner, more toned, and tighter hips and thighs to the kitchen where i took in my hand a Martha Stuart black handled tablespoon. opened the refrigerator slowly and looked way in the back where my forbidden bliss lay. opened the container and scooped out all life's answers and sat on the counter savoring the cold, sweet yet smooth taste of chocolate frosting.

*closes eyes tight and smiles remembering the slow paced rendezvous*

two more days to go... -_-

*sighs and falls back on bed*



JStar said...

OH GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL....I am with you ALL the way with this post...Mine came yesterday toooooo :( OMG...I am sick as heck and then she pops her ugly as* head in the pic...I feel like "Carrie" alright lol...I feel hateful and just mad at everybody and everything.... Mmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

RavynRae said...

I have the same issue...I don't even try to avoid the chocolate anymore..I know I'm not gonna win :-/