Wednesday, March 24

He Calls Me His "Bottom Bitch"

so what is that suppose to mean? is this the new "Thing" because if so... i guess im just not going to ever fit in. what happened to being someones girlfriend, wifey, best friend, and all the rest of those... nowadays seemingly meaningless titles?

girl #1 "all I'm saying is that he can do what he want as long as when we together its all about me. if i cant prove it then.."

girl #2 "then a bitch don't need to know! you cant control a man when they gone do the shit. might as well let that nigga do him, while i do me."

*the infamous high-five*

i sat there and thought, what kind of bullshit logic is that to have! i mean what respectable woman, first of all, would allow a B O Y to just continually do any and everything with no consequence when it comes to her life, heart, and personal safety. sure we have all had one or two bad relationships in our time, it comes with dating, but when did females start just accepting it.

*tunes back into the exchange of oral ignorance between the two*

girl #1 "he's never going to leave me for her. i have that niggas baby and his name on me. he knows wassup."

girl #2 "girl Darryl be thinking he can just up and leave me at anytime but what he don't know is that hes never getting rid of me. hes going to give me his son and if he ain't trying to, i have my ways."

*girl #1 laughs* "girl i know that's right. Shawn make so much money that i didn't give trapping his ass a second thought but the shit happened before i got the chance."

who sits in the park, smoking a blunt, openly talking about trapping some drug dealer, pimp, robber? <--- hey the stereotypes fits this time! you're intentionally bringing a child into the world to keep some unfaithful B O Y who probably cant tell the truth to save his life besides the fact you don't respect yourself enough to expect it from him in the first place. branding a name on you that is only going to remind you of pain and mistreatment and scar you with emotional baggage and all kinds of issues. we're suppose to live in the present but damn would it hurt you to look to the future?! and speaking of the future, *scene pauses and Gwen stands in front of both girls hands on hips and neck a-rolling* I'm worried about the little one that is at home. you don't sound very educated yourself, how are you going to educate another being? set a good example? provide the best, not Jordan's, clothes, and toys but morals, values, trust, and truthfulness. i can already see another statistic on the corner. looking up to the fast money and yet again disgracing a race that already has it bad enough by simply being a darker color. *play*

girl #2 "yea she called him again. i told him he better check her ass or there was going to be some problems. he know i don't play that shit. that's why he has a cellphone."

girl #1 "i wish a bitch would call my mans phone trying to be bold. i would have to slap the shit out of a hoe. i cant stand these dumb bitches these days."

girl #2 "i told him he better put her ass in her place or i will. i get tired of having to hear her voice or see her name when me and him are together. he lucky i know how to play my position or i would've been left his ass"

so you're taking your time leaving someone that openly cheats on you? and by playing your position this is the kind of treatment you have to endure? if you didn't know your man is cheating this a SURE way of knowing now... but then again i guess she already knows.

*Gwen shakes her head laughing and continues writing in her notebook*

girl #2 "whatchu laughing at?" mumbles "this bitch going to say something smart and fuck up my high and ima go to jail." her sidekick "hm mm!"

*Gwen looks up and smiles, "just listening to you ladies conversation."*

girl #1 "i see somebody is nosey. you need to mind your fucking business." rolls eyes and hits the blunt.

*Gwen laughs and puts book in book bag and gets up, "just so you know, you two are beautiful. young and the future of tomorrow. you don't have to sit here and act like what these so called men do don't bother or hurt you. when you're ready for better its out there. Real Men that will step up and take care of you both like Real Women should be taken care of *looks to the one with the kid* be a real father figure, worth looking up to, for your child. don't be a hard rock when you really are a gem." <--- LVE Lauryn Hill for that one !

*Gwen walks away after smiling in the duo's faces.*

girl #1 "bitch you don't know us! my man loves me! I'm the bottom bitch you stuck up hoe!"

Gwen stops walking, turns around, and says with a smile "then stay at the bottom, bitch."



Shay said...

Gwen . I love you Lol . Because I would have not told those girls they were beautiful Lol . "Bottom Bitch" ? Ugh that is so tasteless . I cannot wait for females to grow up and realize their worth . It pains me to see every girl falling by the wayside get tricked by the simple things in life . Its like why settle for less than you deserve if you know your worth . So I guess its going to take some self evaluation for them to realize BOTTOM BITCH is an insult , never a compliment smh .

Its a sad , sad world that we live in .

thehoustongirl said...

LOL good story!! I thought you were about to get ignant with them when they heard you laugh lol but that's good you was the better person and told about themselves in a nice way! its a shame because even though they got that vaulable advice; most of the time folk like that won't listen/too far gone...

lmao @ bottom bitch awwww man

and whats up with these girls aspiriing to be with a drug dealer, pimp, hustler, ect? just because he got a little money? smh


forever.original said...

I hate people like that. No lie. But its what they want, they can be at the bottom but jux cuz they so called trapped him dont mean shit. Its a shame when they have a kid only to keep a man that they dont deserve. Well, attempt to keep a man.

forever.original said...
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RavynRae said...

Wow. They HAD to agree with you...whether they believe it or not.

RoByn LaTice said...

Smh, some females can just be so silly! Wtf is a Bottom Bitch? ...It just sounds really ghetto and something I'd never want or accept to be called. Ughh! I love the conversation that took place though..and how well you handled it. I hate ratchet silly ass females!

Felicia Monique said...

I love this post! It's too real and too common amongst the young women in our black and brown communities.

Love you for this, though: "then stay at the bottom, bitch."

Keep it real, mama ...