Tuesday, March 30

One Word Tag ...

i was Tagged by Miss RayvnRae @ ravynrae.blogspot.com/ to do a one word Tag post.
*i love things like this! (:

Here we go !

Hair -natural mess of curls ( :
Your Mother - my hert
Your Father - still fairly new to my life
Fav Food- chinese and italian
Dream last night - i dont remember ...
Fav drink - water
What room are you in - living room
Hobby - writing/blogging, shopping, working out
Fear - losing my mommy
Where were you last night - home
Something that you aren't - stuck up , i'm really helllllaaaaa cool ( :
Muffins - warm blueberry , yumm!
Wish list item - 2007 infiniti m35 <--- plan to have it by summer!
Where you grow up - Murda Dubz East Oakland
What you are wearing - grey sweats, green&&black "Pimp The System" tshirt, and whitegrey&&green Jordan 7's
Your Pet - miniature black with brown paws dachshund, Princess
Friends - n/a
Something your not wearing - jewlery
Fav Store - Target
Fav Color -Purple
Last time you laughed - about an hour ago. my sister is tooo funny!
Your Best Friend - Kiara Beverly. almost 7 years strong!
Best Place you go over and over - home. no place like it.
Person who email you regularly - email? lol text, bbm, aim, or hit me on facebook.
Fav place to eat - Olive Garden

I tag:




RavynRae said...

How cool..I ♥ when other people say purple is their favorite color..lol

Shay said...

I might have to do this just for the fun of it lol

RoByn LaTice said...

I love doing these too!