Wednesday, March 31

Bald Guys Never Have A Bad Hair Day.

after many attempts to try and go Natural ..

  • NOT washing my hair for long periods of time ... *yuck!*
  • twisting with different products ...
  • getting kinky twist ... <--- the hair used, slipped out in the first few days
obvious, F A I L !

my sister Bernice told me that there is in fact a way I could go Natural even with my hair type (silky and soft) but she's not exactly on board with the idea so she is keeping the secret recipe to herself. chicken balls! so ive just decided to go Natural my own way.

  • NO more flat ironing

*my sister Karen has already asked would I sell her my Chi ($200 flat iron) but I can't even begin to fathom the Idea of doing that!* I promise not to use it! but I just cant part with it.

  • NO more curling iron
  • NO more gel or hairspray
  • NO more combs or brushes

I will be 'finger combing' if I feel the need to.

  • NO more blow drying

heat and my hair have never been friends. it causes dryness and frizz. *hate that!*

so a simple wash and condition when i'm in the shower and a little Luster's Pink Oil Moisturizer *<--- been using it since I was a baby Gwen lol* after I towel dry my hair when I get out.

and Wah lah! this is My Natural. likeeeee? :)



aimes said...

... i like it this way! Cute!!!!!

RoByn LaTice said...

It is really cute. This sounds fairly easy to handle...I wish my hair where as easy. :)

RavynRae said...

I ♥ it!! Such a cute look on you!!