Saturday, March 27

They Ask Me Why I'm Deep .

they ask me why I'm deep.
why every word that leaves my lips seems planned before I speak.
they don't look at the full form, pink, beauty mark adorned flesh that once kissed a thug goodbye,
cuz The Lifestyle eventually claimed his life.
no, they just ask Why.

i cry for all the Single Mothers.
they sure don't have the time to cry for themselves.
to let one drop of emotion fall from their,

see more than where I am trying to be
but from studying can tell where all the MisEducation and Ignorance is going to lead.
that's what I preach to these blind Young Folks of the world
that think its all about that boy or girl.
that has only felt hands.
not Passion.

can you feel mine?
does it melt your heart and strengthen your mind,
take you on a journey,

has beauty you never see.
artistic ways, a gifted change
no longer planning, trying to mentally just Sustain because,
who can survive with no core?
I can't survive with no pen.
if stripped of everything in the end,
ill always have my Think-ing.

broken hearts, tarnished name
mistakes Intentionally made, I WAS DUMB!
and it was fun...

they ask me why I'm deep.

I just put my words out there, scramble em around, and recite them again.
aren't you just as deep as me?
you tell me I'm speaking your life's story
i thought you was you and I was Me.

come here and let me give you some Poetic Justice,
let me whisper something in your ear,
show you that these are just Words you hear,

"We All Have A Story."



Cook.ThePoet. said...

Wow. You are deep. Love it.
"they ask me why I'm deep.//I just put my words out there, scramble em around, and recite them again.
// aren't you just as deep as me?" Nice


Shay said...

*snaps* LOVE ITT !

RoByn LaTice said...

The part cook quoted is also my fav. This is beautiful girl!

Cook.ThePoet. said...

You have an award waiting for you on my page =]


Traci Lavette said...

I don't ask why you are so deep, my beautiful little sister you. I welcome it only, without question. I told you that you are my favorite teenager and well into womanhood, you will remain a fav. Your heart is huge, your mind is limitless, and you are phenomenal.

I do understand what got you to that point of your companionship with your pen though. I relate 100%. Just happy you have that escape and that you use it so well and so effortless.