Wednesday, March 17

The Title .

eight people in the living room - myself , two brothers , and five of their friends, chilling. MTV Jams pounding out of the flat screen, Jay-Z's - On To The Next One going off and Wayne's - A Milli coming on.

Steven "Man I'm glad that nigga Wayne going to jail. give somebody else a chance to shine. Jay need to bring his old ass back and take the title." the rest of the idiots "Hell yea, man."

*Gwen ponders* "Technically Wayne ain't going nowhere. that nigga has so much music he's been working on that hes going to be another Pac. Niggas is going to claim he ain't in jail because he's going to be dropping videos and singles regularly. his team is going to space out what ever music he has over a period of a time to keep him relevant."

Marcus "that may be true but with Jay in the lab and Wayne in prison, Wayne wont be able to touch Jay."

sarcasm ----> "you're right! and it takes Wayne being in jail for Jay to even deliver like he might." -_-

Steven "Why you hating Gwen? Jay last album was slapping! better than that Wayne shit."

"uhmmm, Steven my dear. i think Jay said it best. *puts on Locs and brothers black cap and impersonates Jay* "men lie, women lie, numbers don't." apparently the WORLD disagrees that Wayne's album wasn't exactly 'shit."

*the idiots laugh uncomfortably* Calvin "she got you there Steve."

"I'm not saying Wayne is "The Best Rapper Alive" but hes doing what it takes to steady attract fans, sell albums, drop mix tapes, and keep himself popular. Jay although seasoned in the game only comes back when he feels he has something to say, D.O.A. , and personally that was just to talk shit. *even though he claims it was no disrespect. uhm sure 'Hov -_- *

Marcus "that's because he tight like that. he can come back and say what he wants because niggas respect him. even Wayne said that Jay is his favorite rapper so now what? not only that but Jay aint trying to go with the trends like Wayne. first that nigga wanted to be a gangsta now this nigga looking like a tatted up Lupe Fiasco."

"we aint even talking about that shit Marcus. we're talking in comparison. sure Wayne said that, but at the same time he ain't trying to be that nigga either. if you go back and listen to ole skoo Jay he was on the same hype about 'cooking that shit up' and 'the hood' but he aint talking about it anymore! he over here calling himself God, talking about his money and Oprah and Obama. people change and adapt, its how you keep it flowing. but point blank all I'm saying is you fools are saying that Jay is going to step up and just be out there but the question is, why couldn't he have did that when Wayne wasn't in jail? Wayne sure as hell didn't go anywhere when Jay came with The Blueprint III. he went toe to toe with his 'favorite rapper. if he cant stand competition then he should've stayed in retirement."

Idk what ya'll think? This was just my argument with these busters ! *cheeeeeese !*


ANOTHER post coming later ... lol



Shay said...

Lol . Interesting conversation. But I feel there's really no comparison between Wayne & Jay . They're both in a league of their own .

JStar said...

I agree with Gwen...But I am old skool so I am a huge fan of Jay...The new rap artists talk about superficial topics...I like artists who talk about something...

forever.original said...

Me personally. I dont really like Jay anymore like i did way back then. Wayne, I always liked Wayne. His shit was always hot. Especially when he was in Cash Money.

RiekaBaby said...

i personally dont think they should be compared. they are both beasty at what they do...they both got fans for days and madd niggaz on they nuts...they both think of themselves as gods (which i hate) but we should give them both props. they both gon make money regardless of who is better than who...and everybody will have different opinions. just like Pac and Biggie. Pac is my favorite rapper just bc he is. i like everything about him...yet that who's better shit is irrelevant cuz they both are beasts. point. blank. period.