Monday, May 10

When Did Single Translate To Gay?

"oh i see. you're one of them stuck up gay females huh."

*tires screech*

the period had to be used seeing as how he wasn't asking or waiting for a answer but stating openly that he had me figured out.

you can't be serious? -_-

since i walked past you and your boys with a tight pair of distressed jeans and a off the shoulder sweater, a slight shake of my side swept bangs and a polite smile but gave no response to your unmatched oral ignorance compared to your demeanor, I'm gay.... ?



although i didn't ask, Ive wondered since this incident what would make someone say this, besides the offended ego.

most people read body language.

you're in the mall with your boys/girls, see a cutie and try to get their attention by walking by, stopping and chilling in a noticeable area, or whatever your approach is. you look in their direction in hopes they will lock eyes with yours and if they do, they will smile or wave and that's your que. maybe I'm too smart or... maybe I'm too hard... or maybe I'm just ridiculous but in no way did i give any sign of Hey! hit on Me. I want your attention.

I'm always in some way flattered to be hit on though. no cockiness intended.

its like when you're married. it feels good to know although you Should be untouchable someone out there thinks of you enough to let it be known they want you.


and i so was! when we drove in the gas station immediately i noticed him. or i should say them. standing in a group, loitering outside of the Arco. all different shades, heights, places in their lives but he stood out. i thought it was because he was one of the tallest. then i decided it was his smile.

boy what a smile!

but finally i realized it was the way he commanded the attention of his crew. all standing against the wall laughing an nodding their heads feeling the words coming out his mouth and he, with one leg on the curb just entertaining the masses. gear, smile, height, color, i liked! but me being me, as soon as i stepped out of the car...

Poker Face.

Ive been told i play hard to get but in my opinion I'm just playing the game better than them.

although no unnecessary emotion or attention was shown to any of them it didn't stop Mr. Certainty from pursuing.

the line, 6 people long waiting to be robbed by one slow cashier and what do you know he's too my left getting straight to His point "you got a man?"

woah woah woah! no hi, how are you? I'm ___ ?

*Gwen smirks and remains silent. arms slowly start to cross and a slow sigh escapes her body*

"so you not talking huh? i see. well I'm ___. wow finally! and you are damn beautiful. id like to get to know you better."

*insert cute fool flashing smile and touching Gwen's face*

*insert Gwen looking at him SO CRAZY! stepping back, cutting eyes, and him backing the hell up*

"can i get $25 on three. thank you."

*steps to the side, turns to fool, hands crossed, lips pursed, and weight shifted to one side and waits*

"wassup ma, whats with the attitude?"

*Gwen laughs to herself and realizes she has to get on fools level*

"well Pa! i was wondering when you were going to say something worth listening to. when you were going to tell me how your interested in letting me get to know you. how although you are outside hanging out with your boys during work and school hours you are doing neither but possibly doing both and this is just your day off. how besides the fact you do want a chance to get with me or know me you know how to go about it with a little more tact. i was simply wondering if you cared to know the persons name of who you are so interested in "getting to know."

*prolonged silence and fool attempts to say something*

*Gwen holds up hand*

"don't say sorry, i already know you are."

i walk out the gas station the same way i came in. grounded in my spirituality, secure in my sexuality, confident in myself personally, and comfortable and happy being single because its not some incurable disease.

"oh i see. you're one of them stuck up gay females huh."

*thinks to herself, turns around, and says with a smile*

"nahhh. I'm not stuck up but I am very happy with One woman."



Poetic_Butterfly said...

I enjoyed this blog, and you did the Damn thing by letting him know and your so right being single is not a disease, it sure beat being with someone who is not worth your time like this guy was, self love to me is the best love.... stay being you.. im enjoying your blogs

bkashawna said...

great blog. and i love your response to dude <3

Shay said...

It is remarks like that that make females "stuck up" . When the hype of a boyfriend and relationship and "needing somebody" increased thats when the idea of a female turning down a male classified as her being gay. Tuh ! And the way he approached you was all wrong. He couldnt have possibly thought ... lol yeah he really mustve thought you would fall for that weak game *rolls eyes* People dont realize that sometimes others WANT to be single. It's like something that they cant wrap their minds around.

SinfulLyo said...

LOVE how you handled that. as for the gay remark, take it as a compliment! that was his way of stroking his own ego. he figured if his game wasn't working on you, you MUST be gay because he gets ALL DA BITCHES. lol sorry i'm feeling hyper and ghetto at the same time. bye :)

Alyea said...

Good blog!

RavynRae said...

Good one...I ♥ it!

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

Ha, that was the best response. I don't know why guys think they can come with that weak game and if you don't fall for it, you MUST be gay. No sir. I just don't do lames. If more females would reject the corny (and rude) pick-up tactics, maybe these dudes would step their game up.