Thursday, April 1

PLEASE Stop Back By !

as I was checking my New comments that needed to be approved for Blogger I was drinking a Cherry Limeade Chiller from Sonic and was so wrapped up in the WRONG thing I accidentally pressed Reject instead of Approve for the comments. =\

I know one of the special people that stopped by and blessed my posts with a comment was Don and the other... some wonderful Young Woman that is going Naturale.

so if you are reading this...

"I would be very appreciative if you took the time again to write comments on the posts that you did because this genius(sarcasm) made a huge mistake and would LOVE to get the chance read your thoughts."

my, i hope they see this... =\

on a lighter note...

Welcome all my New Followers! thanks for joining all the written madness that is Pennanddpaperr(Gwen). I welcome you all, new and seasoned(not old lol) to add me on Facebook and get to know me. I'd love to get to know you. (:

*sits pretzel style and adjusts laptop on lap*

awhile ago, back when I was a 'blog virgin' and uncertainity clouded my writing judgement. I did create, in my opinion, a wonderful self breakdown of myself in hopes that it would motivate many Young Women to do the same and embrace what society and even ourselves would consider flaws. check it out if you haven't -->

and for my fellas, can't forget about you guys. you are just as special and important as us women.

and finally, if you just want to get a better understanding of the mind you have chosen to peer into -->

Hope you all enjoy!



Don said...

A Cherry Limeade Chiller will do that to you, every single time. LOL!