Thursday, February 25

Them Pregnancy Pains Is No Joke !

walking down the aisle looking for a ProMax protein bar and sipping on my Fiji water, there she was. on the floor, sprawled out, tears gushing from her red eyes, and toddler teeth exposed from her wide drooling mouth, screaming and crying.

*stops abruptly, stutter stepping looking around from shock*

right in the middle of aisle 7 organics at Raley's just there on the floor showing out while her mother, Caucasian, *no offense jstar, you know you my girl !* obviously hasn't gave this fuckery a second thought, bending over further investigating the nutritional content of some couscous.

"Elaina get up honey. If you don't get up we wont go to Toys r' us."

*looks from the little girl to the mother like 'are you serious?!' *you know that look where you have to jerk your head back ANNND look to the side because its just THAT schocking*

little child from the corn is ignoring the hell out of *Becky* and steady shouting and screaming. just rolling all over the place and after trying to blink this awful reality away i realize right in the front of my ProMax protein bars. great. -_-

*clears throat*

*Becky* looks up and smiles. soOoOo i see your not embarrassed your kid is over here looking like shes practicing the fire drill, alriiight.

"Elaina get up. the nice lady wants to get over there."

does the spawn of Satan stop? she looks from her mom to me and had the nerve to roll her puffy blue eyes! and continue on with her shenanigans.

*Shanaynay "oh my goooodness?!"*

"Oh ! shes so impossible sometime" *Becky* smiles and reaches across and passes me the bar i wanted. i say 'thank you' and immediately turn around and get the hell up outta there.

i love kids and i want kids but I WILL take my kids up outta this world ! if they pulled some shit like that in the store ! i ain't going to be beating my children but there is nothing nobody will be able to tell me if my child is acting out of line and they need to be popped back into place. not to mention all them hours ima be in a room with people i don't know all down, in between, and up in my business telling me to push a watermelon out of something lemon size.

so sure we can do the *Becky* - talk first, but please believe if he or she try playing me like they been living on this earth longer than me, them momma pains ain't going to be a joke !



Shay said...

Yes girl ! My little cousin did that to me in Old Navy . I was so embarrassed . Had to bend down and tell him through clenched teeth , " You better shut up and stop acting like you dont have any sense " . Lol

Skezerrrr said...

hahaha! this is great. some parents are a messss! cant be all nice to your kids all the time!

RavynRae said...

I hate when parents pull the Becky...soo annoying!!

Chymere said...

AMEN hun! I know that shit would not fly with my mom...she would've wore me out...and definitely not with a "toys r us" reward...notolerance for that kind of shit lol