Tuesday, February 16

Do The Right Thing .

I know it was wrong. It was selfish, a complete act of irresponsibility and lack of self control. It went against everything I stood for.

*leans back in La-Z-Boy and rubs temples*

I could lie and say I don't know how it happened but the regret and shame I feel wouldn't go away. In fact it hasn't left since I quit moaning, told him to stop, and he slipped out of me.


At first I blamed him. He was the one that wanted to take me out and 'hang'. But in my mind I knew I was just horny and had long ago decided if the time ever arose I would sex him down, forget it ever happened, and ignore he had a girl. See I'm not as great as you guys thought.

*looks up at the ceiling*

Then I realized it was me. As strong minded and respectable as I had always prided myself on being I had in fifteen minutes became the girl that ruins beautiful relationships and scars a lover. The girl you shake your damn head at because she's a home wrecking little slut ! Ouch ! :(

He told me he would tell her. In his own way, at the right time. What time is right to have your heart broke? And since the 'incident' I have asked him constantly and consistently avoided him at the same time. I even went as far to write her on facebook and sincerely apologize and give her the heads up since NOBODY DID IT FOR ME !

"You fucking bitch! How dare you write me telling lies on my man! He didn't want you! He just couldn't get to me! That will be the last time you get the chance to be with him you ugly bitch! Now go die!"

*slams laptop down after re-reading the message and crosses arms across chest. purses lips*

Regardless of me being guilt ridden and honestly sorry there are just a few problems with her little 'I'm hard because I used exclamation points' message.

Telling lies on my man!
-sweetie he told you the same thing!... or did he?

He didn't want you! He just couldn't get to me!
-he couldn't reach you once in yal whole 9 month relationship? Because he was damn sure reaching out and trying to touch me the whole time. *fail! Until this incident*

That will be the last time you get the chance to be with him you ugly bitch!
-last chance? who are you Ginuwine? he most definitely won't be with me but who's to say he won't be with someone else. and who ugly ? c'mon son !

*looks at BB red light blinking. text message: when we going to kick it again?*
*blank stare* need i say more ?



aimes said...

..."-last chance? who are you Ginuwine?"---you're silly.

---you were at least kind enough to let her know what was going on. Most wouldn't. What irks me is that she flipped out on the wrong person? idk. I was in her shoes once before, but it most def. didn't go that way.

JStar said...

LOL...Her response was out of hurt and anger and you were there and the person she could take it out on...The majority of men and women cheat. Its a fact, sad to say...But its not him not getting a hold of her, he didnt want her then...He wanted you...and wants more now lol

Shay said...

Can I say that I admire you? Lol. Because I do. Most girls would have absolutely no guilty conscience about what they do. That's that " i fuck em , dont need em " mentality . & Nine times out of ten he probably didnt even tell the girl about cheating ! Smh . But you did the right thing by letting her know and at the same time getting it off your chest .

Traci Lavette said...

I agree with JStar...she was hurt. Been there; done that. And like JStar said, it's both of us and as a testament, I have been on both sides of it.

Now...I really hope that she is not blinded by the whole thing because she handled so much differently than I would have. You gave her an open invitation to find out how dirty her man is and she turned her back on it. She either really doesn't believe it, or she is stuck in that overcrowded space of denial that so many females live in ::smh:: poor thing.

Cook.ThePoet. said...

Maaaann least ur woman enuff to had told her. She jus wasnt woman enuff to hear it. You got it out of you and thats all that matter. yea you fuqked up but you tried to fix it. thatsz what matters.


RavynRae said...

I have waaayyyy more respect for apologizing to her && keeping it real. She just said those words because she is mad && hurt && of course she wants you to hurt too. As for him....just like the rest of'em.

Chymere said...

all i can do is laugh. I never believed in homewrecking really...or did I ever put a slut label on someone that had sex with a guy who had a girlfriend. 1-it takes 2 to tango. 2-a good man would know better. 3-her response was ignorant but she probably knew what the deal was *denial. You definitely did the right thing by stopping him and apologizing to her.