Friday, February 12

I'm Aware I'm Not Ugly . *no cockiness intended*

When did what I look like matter so much it became the reason why nothing bad should ever occur in my life?

Being pretty doesn't stop a man from cheating. Being pretty doesn't get you good grades. Being pretty doesn't console your heart after a breakup. Being pretty doesn't make people take you serious. Being pretty does not exempt you from the lack of well thought out waste of words that spill from useless life forms.

Guys. I praise the ones that have genuine interest and purpose -pause-

I am very aware you good ones do exist. You are the beautiful creatures I write uplifting posts about. But I wish you would quit hiding under rocks in caves in New Zealand !

-play- But I could super kick through a wall! the ones that feel as though by complimenting me on my looks you are scoring major points.


If I was the type to eat that superficial shit up, you would only be gassing my head. Not getting any closer to me. You would further be proving why I didn't need what's his name and why I don't need you. Goodbye!

Really, would it kill you to turn off your automatic asshole switch and try for once looking past the exterior and saying something meaningful?

How are you ?
How has your day been ?
Care to talk about what's bothering you ?
Age , location , ARE YOU IN SCHOOL ?

But NoOoOoOo ! you get :

"Your too pretty to put up with ____''
"As pretty as you are, ______''
"Nobody as beautiful as you, _____"

Blah blah blah STFU !

I'm not looking for a b o y to validate me. I'm waiting for a man that can see past what any common person sees and care enough to get to know ME. A beautiful mind.



Cook.ThePoet. said...

Yesssss!!! I feel this completely. I know I look good but dammit make me actually think you can look past that little fact of life. lol. love this post


Shay said...

Yes Girl ! Ugh . I need substance . I want to be able to look back on conversations and smile because they had DEPTH to that .

And that last line was PERFECT !

Chymere said...

I'm not looking for a b o y to validate me. I'm waiting for a man that can see past what any common person sees and care enough to get to know ME..

@Shay...yes. that last line hit it right in the bud!!

Traci Lavette said...

Nicely put...too bad the whole thing can't be put on a tee shirt LOL! Eliminate the ones with nothing-to-talk-about on sight. Love it!

JStar said...

Oh Soooo True!!! I second this post!

aimes said...

...I appreciate this post. To be honest, the guys that we are in search for are right in front of us. It's just that as females, we tend to have this "itemized" list of wants, and needs and desires. When really, what we need is just an open ear, heart, and arms. Damn. Why must it be the petty guys that seek our attention?

"Uh, thanks guy for the compliment, now what else can you produce from your choppers? When we converse, can it be enlightening?" Ugh!

...something that I shall further discuss Gwen!


RavynRae said...

I needed to read this!! The reason why I ♥ your blog girl =)