Thursday, February 11

I Tell It Like It Is . I'm No Exception .

I challenged all my blogging buds to make a list of reasons why a guy or girl would NOT want to date you . Here is my list . LATE lol and uncut .

1. I don't babysit or pacifier a guy just to feed his ego or his insecurities . If you can't handle the free time you might have on your hands because I have a job and go to school you need to get more serious about your own future . When we're together I make it a point to make my feelings clear .

3. I'm not good at saying how I feel . ...thanks Shay... So if asked , " What's wrong ? " Nine times out of ten , I'll reply with " Nothing " . BUT expect for you to either figure it out on your own or badger me enough until I finally give in and tell you .

2. I'm too blunt . I say what I mean and mean what I say . Depending on the guy this can cause heated discussions, straight up arguments , or bruised egos .

3. 'I'm quite the lurker' ..thanks Stephy.. I might not do it outright but I pay close attention to the things he might do and say . I pay attention to body language as well . I don't consider it making him pay for the lasts mistakes , just being quietly cautious .

4. I get bored rather quickly . I've looked up my sign enough to confidently be able to blame it . I need more than a physical attraction . I need a conversationalist . Stimulation of mind . I can't do the beautiful airheads that aren't allowed to talk but just smile .

5. In a argument I can be quite brutal . My words can be my sharpest knife . My mind doesn't always catch up with my words fast enough and it proves to be problematic . Although they say the truth comes out when angered ... Hm.

6. When I mess up I feel as though I should be forgiven right away . While on the other hand I'll go through Q&A , silent treatment , and prolonged anger . I know its unfair but i can admit it.

6. I don't take initiative . ...thanks Shay... Meaning : If you not texting/calling me, I probably wont text/call you . Not because I dont like you but because I dont want to seem clingy .

7. I'm too independent ? I prefer to pay for everything I want and need and for who I'm with to understand my reasoning for this . If I buy it or pay for it nobody can take it away from me or in a heated argument can throw it in my face . "well you wasn't saying this when I did ___" "that's how you feel after I bought you ____". but at the same time I like to be spoiled . id rather he just not tell me about it and do it .

See, im not too bad . *smiles to herself*



aimes said...

...we are oh so similar! My tongue is sharp and feel that it is sort of my own defensive mechanism. I'll explain later in my post!


S Jones Aka Shirley said...

oooo i like this post....u definitely kept it real...i wanna try this! Im just like u with the forgiveness thing...i get MAD even more if i know someone is mad at me and is holding a grudge.

Shay said...

Lol . It was kind of fun doing this .

JStar said...

honest list...