Monday, February 8

You And Your Paper .

*We interrupt your normal program to bring you:*
okay so for the last few posts i have been really opening up . might not seem like it but i have . hope you guys don't think I'm some super loser with a lot of issues lol because I'm not . i do have a fun life ... its just not my fast paced New York City daydreams lol . i think i fixed myself though . i am taking more initiative to get out there and really do things . maybe try not being so hard on myself and people . heaven knows that last post was NOT who i really am . psh ! *Now back to your normally scheduled program!*

if you have been following me long enough you should remember not to long ago i wrote about a guy i dated: bad sex game, broke, liar, remember him? well since him i have yet to date another guy . at first i was just mad . mad at him , myself , the whole male species . OFF WITH THEIR HEADS ! and since going through that little phase i have since said screw the dating life . swore it off for a couple years and have plans to keep it that way . of coursssseee the plan will one day be thrown off when i find that special person that comes along and throws a wrench in all of that and when the time comes , i would like to be the best girlfriend i can be . not saying i wasn't a good girlfriend back in the day when i was dating but there is always room for improvement .

i have no problem telling it like it is when it comes to men or women as you have all read lol and what i am about to write is no different .

I and many other women need to quit feeling Entitled . that's right . when we are out with our girlfriends at lunch or shopping and we are talking about our recent dating experience with whats his name we either brag about how wonderful the experience was or we pick him apart . you have to love your girls for building up your confidence but you cant always let their words rule your world .

having said that...

I CHALLENGE YOU !! .... to write down all the reasons a guy would not want to date you . don't bullshit your answers either or you might as well not do it . be honest . what you think of as quirky, endearing, and cute, is really annoying to someone else . if he would love you so much that he would overlook that, you need to overlook things in him . Everybody has to compromise .

*fellas feel free to try this too ! ill get back to you guys with my list .



Shay said...

Lol . Girl , You have these big New York City dreams and I'm dreaming of moving to Cali ! Lol . Love the city , but I need something a tad bit slower .

Oh Yeah , I'm definitely going to take that challenge and write a list :)

Stephy Garramuno said...

I read your blog just about any chance i get time, and i enjoy my time reading it, because it makes me feel like one less outcast writing about my life online. So i saw you had no comments and decided, i should do this. :)

few reason why a guy wouldnt date me?
1. Im very, i dont know the word, clingy? I like alot of attention from them at all times, even when i know they should have a life too.
2. Im very blunt i tell it like it is, way too out there.
3. I'm really controlling. I said sure go ahead, and i get mad over nothing.
4. I pick fights for no reason. and i say nothings wrong and then get mad when they dont bother asking whats wrong.
5. Im really mean sometimes. and I call people names alot, which I know is horrible, but I do it anyways.
6. Im quite the lurker, and I kinda try to make sure nothings going on behind my back through friends.
7. I mess up and I feel like I should be forgiven right away. But when I get mad for something they had done, I attempt to make them feel like a douche. >.<

All in All its basically the same as any other girl, I just wish I could fix it, but what about you? What do you wish you could fix?

aimes said... know my list will be coming soon!