Friday, February 19

The Sarcastic Truth .

I'm starting to think that as a woman, its true when they say we don't want the men that will treat us right but rather the ones that will do us wrong. Does this make us stupid? Nahhh, I think we just have a short in our mind to heart line... lol.

Take for instance my friend Rochelle. *name has been changed to protect the innocent* She was in a very healthy and inspiring relationship with the sweetest guy *Tony*. They had plans to move in together, got a dog lol, had great chemistry, and was madly in love. I mean the 'awws' and 'I want one!' in full force. In the midst of the bliss I get a normal phone call saying 'let's do lunch'. Food and my bud?! I'm there ! As I'm enjoying my beautifully cooked salmon I'm hit with 'so I broke up with *Tony*. he's just too clingy and sweet. we're too different and i can't take it' and that was that.

*looks up from salmon with fork in one hand and perplexed look on face*

In my mind, I'm thinking 'are you crazy ! the guy is crazy about you ! genuinely head over heels about you and all your flaws ! your bananas !'

*in a more mild tone*

'He's too good of a guy to let go. You two could really have something. As a woman we just want to be treated right and loved unconditionally. Why won't you allow yourself to be happy?'

'I already told you'

*looks like, that's it?*

'Well if you're sure...'

*on to the fine brotha sitting across from us, yumm!*

Later on she told me that *Michael* was still the love of her life and she would never be able to love *Tony* like *Michael* -that's fair- and *Tony* was nothing like *Michael* -duh he's *Tony*- she just felt there was something worth pursuing with *Michael* and she would hate to miss out on it for *Tony* - *Michael* *Tony*, *Michael* *Tony* : AND THE WINNER should have been *Tonyyyyyy!* (*Michael* ended up NOT wanting her, talking bad about her, and claiming he never loved her. Ouch!) She later went back to *Tony* who gladly took her back because of His devotion and love for her and she left him AGAIN to try pursuing that 'love worth fighting for' with *Michael*

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I was trying to be supportive of her decision at the time but I just couldn't wrap my mind around how wrong she was for letting such a good thing go, Until ...

He's sweet, supportive, understanding, romantic. everything great BUT I don't want him.

*crowd yells HYPOCRITE !*

Psh, I know! And the bad part about it is I can pinpoint exactly why I don't want him. I would and will run over him if we were to ever become more than friends. There I said it.

It wouldn't be intentional. On some Steve Wilkos type my girlfriend abuses me hype but in a I will do and say what I want because I know he wouldn't do anything in his own defense hype. In fact, it probably would just automatically happen because I'd get bored. Then get frustrated because I wouldn't want to hurt his feelings by telling him how I truly felt, then get straight up irritated for biting my tongue when I'm not one to do that (damn Satya - those that follow my other blog know what I'm talking about) and finally mad for having to live a lie to someone so wonderful.


I guess I'll stay a hypocritical single lady till I find a decent guy that pisses me off half the time, is good to me the other half, and I love unconditionally all the time because i mean really, that's what we as women do.




RavynRae said...

It's such a sad situation but I kinda understand where your friend is coming from. A few months ago I did the same thing to my sweet && loving boyfriend with my horrible dysfunctional EX. idk what it was about the EX because he didn't change his ways but I was still in love with him && it became stronger for him than for my lovable boyfriend. I eventually beat myself up && stuck to my lovable boyfriend && I feel guilty because he told me how bad I had hurt his ♥. While I was hurting over somebody that didn't appreciate me, he was hurting over me but I was too blind to notice. :-/ We're still together though...thank God

Shay said...

Someone should really work on fixing the short between the heart and mind because if the heart did what the mind was telling it to do , things would be less complicated . Smh . But I feel you , like he sounds almost perfect , but I wouldnt want him either . He just seems like a push over .