Tuesday, February 9

Empire State Of Mind .

New York.
A fascination I have grown with. Have you ever had the feeling of not belonging? Like you weren't meant to live where you're at? For example, you're a city girl at heart, you enjoy every moment you get to venture into the center of all the action and excitement. Yet, you're trapped within the confines of your country-ass hometown.Yes, this is how I feel.And I mean I've felt this way since like uh... forever.

New York, I believe I was meant to be there. Live there. Breathe there. I don't know, I suppose Vacaville, just isn't my calling. The city is growing, but it can never compare to the legend of NYC.

Its a passion that I intend to explore further.



Cook.ThePoet. said...

You really should because that's how i feel too. I go out there alot and I always wish that I can stay but have to always take that train back home. Can't wait for this school year so i can start college because thats where im going to be going to school. Right in the middle of queens. We were meant to be in the city. You'll make it. If I can get out of this suburbia, you can too. I believe it.


Mo said...

NY is quite the place to live. I love it and once u leave, nothing really compares. You should go for it.