Friday, January 15

Bags ...

under my eyes. *sigh*
Ive never had these but i guess between all the crying yesterday and tossing and turning last night i shouldn't be surprised to see them on my face. i feel horrible today. hungover like. minus the alcohol consumption.

i have strayed away from my usual hour and a half workout regime and eating right and have been depression binging.

at least i did attempt to get dressed and do my hair today. *half smile* only to shortly trade my fitted black leather bomber, off shoulder Run DMC shirt, leather leggings, and matching supras for a shirt and sweats. *slumps shoulders*

I'm glad i didn't make it to makeup before realizing i really wasn't feeling it and washing it right off.

i wonder how long I'm going to be like this... because right now feels like forever...

great. my mom just made cake. -_-



Anonymous said...

Awww... I know how this is. I can feel you. I hope you are able to pull yourself out of this phase soon. *hugs*