Friday, January 29

I'm Just Saying .

I have reached the conclusion, and this is final, that I would rather have a big ass than a flat stomach. I mean let's be real when has a flat stomach ever come in handy in the bedroom? sure it looks good but can you hold on to it and smack it? <--- that doesnt sound sexy to have happen to your stomach.

*kicks up feet in La-Z-Boy and sips her slurpee*

I'm not saying catch a severe case of i-don't-give-a-fuck-about-cardio-and-crunches but I wouldn't be in the gym killing myself to look like these video 'model's? most of the shit is edited and airbrushed anyway.

-pause- where the hell do they find these chicks though?! I mean I have never walked down the street and saw a chick walking around with a body like any of them skeezers on tv. you? -play-

take me for instance. I like to think I have a nice little shape. Nice size chest, boarder line thick thighs, round ass-ets, and a four pack stomach. you knooow, flat but with a little pooch at the bottom... lol

imaginary voices of women in agreement "Hmm mm !"

That's good enough for me and apparently for all the guys *no cockiness intended* that hit on me and would "love to wife me." YUCK !

*leans forward on her elbow and puts on some attitude*

In this world only two things matter to the average man. How you look with it on and what you can do when it comes off. intelligence, independence and yada yada yada to those who arent just tryna bust a nut. small percentage. But hey, even complete air heads get banged so what does that say? Not to mention even the most unappealing people get it in.

While you can get rid of a lil excess baggage in your tummy area you can't grow ass. Don't try that getting it hit from the back bullshit either because its a temporary fix. NOT my personal experience but a friends and hers came and went. You either have it or you don't. You can firm it, plump it, work it out, and lose it but can you grow it?

*leans back, sips on slurpee, and gets a brain freeze. looks up while holding head and squinting*

but don't get me wrong, nobody never said you cant have both .



JStar said...

Oh soooo true....I have that "NoAssAtAll" complex :) Wish I could "grow" one lol...but my chest does make up for it :)

aimes said...

... lol on "can't grow a butt"

you're right! that's just something you can't really fix. Even with that said, I gotta keep my body in shape. Would hate to hear "are you pregnant?' from one of my students! I ain't got time!

RhapsoDY said...

I have found my newest pleasure! I freakin love your blog! Your mind is insane woman! I will DEF be back!

Mo said...

Haha, literally had this conversation with myself the other day. Much rather have an ass than none therefore I'll stay where I'm at ha ha.