Sunday, January 17

I Did It !

i went ahead and made a facebook. *applause rings out among the crowd and gwen takes a bow* i dont feel like i was missing anything and its only been one day. *chin in hands while she taps fingers on the sides of her face* i made it last night while watching king of the hill. *perks up quickly* but the little widget you can put on your blogger ---->
is cute and makes me feel cool ! *puts on her shades and pops her polo collar up*

i guess itll be cool to have ALL my family on my page and talk to my fellow blogging pals. i always wondered how i could get in contact with you sensational people, well now i have made a way. so reach out and touch a sista sometime ! i swear all of you seem so interesting !
and im not half bad myself . lol


was this not one of the BEST choreographed videos ever ! i love it, learned it, and whenever it comes on cant help but do the dance to it.
nothing like good music to get you grooving !



Shay said...

ayee my favoritee blogger has a facebook ! im going to request to be your friend when i get a chance or you can request to be mine . either one :)

RoByn LaTice said... broke and made a fb? Even though Im hardly on mine..I'm going to add you! I like the widgets too! :)