Monday, January 25

Its Soooo Worth It !

here i was sick in bed, feeling awful, and had literally slept my life away today when i log on to Blogger to catch up on my reading and see the beautiful, talented, and very entertaining Robyn Latice has once again rewarded me not once but TWICE with blog awards !

*smiles really wide and waves wildly "Heyyy Girrrrl !"

the last time i received a award i wasn't aware of the fact there were "rules" when you get one lol so this time I'm going to do this right... or try.

Stuff That Makes Me Happy...

  • Shopping ... [when you look good you feel good so you'll do good]

  • Family... [we seem to have the best inside jokes]

  • Exercise... [you just gotta do it]

  • Movies... [Pretty Woman, Whip It, The Green Mile, Forrest Gump, etc]

  • Blogging... [i wish i lived near all of you. i have a feeling we would be the best of friends !]

  • Culture... [there are people in the world that still have class, morals, standards, and exercise respect]

  • Music... [stories to a beat]

  • Food... [the reason why i work out six days a week lol]

  • Flowers... [sucker for tulips ]

  • Love... [i haven't gave up on it. i just gave up on looking. thanks Jaizeah for wording my feelings so well ;) ]

  • Knowledge... [nothing like expanding your mind]

  • "My Shows"... [sex & the city, as told by Liz, teen mom, Roseanne, iron chef america, etc]

  • Blackberry... [Aim, texting, Google, Facebook, BB messaging, etc]

  • People... [i love meeting new people. everybody has a story]

  • Starbucks... [read my post Once Upon A Addict]

  • Piercings... [my mom said shes going to use me as a strainer if i get one more lol]

umm i cant think of anything else right now. NyQuil is pretty much taking me down . i was pushing for twenty things that make me happy because i received two awards but just cant do it.

10 Bloggers Worthwhile Reading:

i only gave the award to seven people. i intended to give it to ten but i don't follow many blogs because its always the same thing: music videos, fashion, celebrity updates, etc. i actually like to read well thought out posts. so I'm with Robyn when i say there are some people that i will NOT be following after i post this. sorry guys, nothing personal.

well that's all folks. to Robyn, thanks again for the awards love. definitely brightened my day and makes blogging worthwhile. to the six special people that received the award from me, you guys are great writers ! your personal experiences, words of wisdom, and random tidbits are truly entertaining and i love every post. keep them coming !


Hello new followers ! Welcome to my world of words. Thanks for joining my team.



Ro said...

You soooo deserve that award. I hope you feel better..I too am feeling like shit (but that nyquill had me is lala land last night)...
Your list of MY list of favs...but move FOOD closer to the top and Music too..and Love has to be my #1 :-)
....have a great day chick.

Shay said...

Thanks for the award girl :)

You already know youre one of my favoritest bloggers .

RoByn LaTice said...

Aww, thanks girl! & No problem, You definetly deserve it. I hate going to peoples blogs and seeing the same ole same ole. I mean whats the point of blogging celebrities every moves when there are millions of blogs saying the same exact twists whatsoeever. Smh, it gets old. I like reading peoples thoughts..different views and opinions on things! Keep doing you! Love this blog..and I hope you feel better!

p.s- Dru Hill- I should be your boyfriend...this is my shit! :)

aimes said... sweet.

I just started blogging in Decemeber and wondered why anyone would even care to read what I write. You made my day! I love reading---especially "well-thought out" writing. Hope you feel better soon!

Muah -- aimes!