Sunday, January 3

We Are Young Money .

Not a bad album compared to some i have heard. I didn't buy it but i took the time to listen to it thoroughly and download certain songs. Loving the beats ! My only qualm is, unless your specifically looking to hear your new favorite Young Money artist, disappointment will set in. From the cover to the album its Wayne all over the place. Sure there is like a BILLION ! people on his label but IF he would have given up one.. or FIVE ! of his verses then maybe i wouldnt have felt like i was listening to a Wayne cd with countless featured artists.

Consistent Plays :

#5 - New Shit
#8 - Fuck Da Bullshit
*Nicki went hard, Drake wasnt bad
#12 - Roger That
*Nicki again and Tyga
#13 - She Is Gone
*Gudda Gudda
#14 - Streets Watchin'
*David Banner did his thang on the beat !
and once again Nicki.

I admit everybody pretty much held their own and did their thang lyrically wise. some better than others mack maine, but that's usually what happens on a group thang, right. Nobody really made me want to run out and say "man did you here *insert name here* on the Young Money album ! no? well you need to !" I was feeling Nicki on every song she was on and Tyga, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, And Drake weren't disappointing either. As for the Young Money songstress Shanell, she was only on one song. You better learn to rap girl!



aimes said...

...i like Nicki and Tyga. So, I just may go and download a few of the songs.

Gudda Gudda's name is Ridiculous fyi! lol