Wednesday, January 27

He's Stupid and You're Dumb .

It kills me when women get with a guy with intentions of changing him. I mean really, what the hell is that?! You fall for him knowing what the shit is before hand: he was with somebody, showed some interest in you, talked big shit and made his original chick seem like nothing more than a jump off, ends up spending more time with you but she keeps popping up because SHE can't get over him? Uhm WRONG ! I want to just shake the hell out of these females, rewind the production of this so called relationship, and pin point every time she should have kicked gravel and traveled.

They must have never been told, so I will do it : You can NOT change people ! If they don't want to change there is nothing you can do to make them. You can love them all you want, give them whatever they want, and run whatever 'game' you think you are running but the shit won't change. AND don't even begin to think because you read it in a urban novel the power of pussy is going to get you anywhere. When you lay down together the shit is bueno but when you get up he's the same little boy that just sweated out your weave, fucked up your sheets, and leaving pleased.
POW ! You - 0 , Him - 1

Don't say 'I'm through !' either. To turn right around and take him back when he comes with apologies, tired ass excuses, and a whole bunch of bullshit act right that never lasts. I know bitches can really be on some foul shit and you can't always trust them but if her story sounds far fetched and his story too innocent, somewhere in the middle lies the truth.

So go ahead and cry girl. Hate him and her for as long as it takes and blame yourself while at it because in the end you will have learned, you can't change people.



Traci Lavette said...

Preach baby girl! Preach! I am a believer in that too. You get the dumb ones like my brother's ex that thought since the "puddin" was so good, she could sex him up at every chance she got then go in for the kill later with "you need to do need to do that...he don't do this...he don't do that" Shut the f***k up! She got on my nerves so bad I just had to tell her. Was he any of those things before you got with him?! Hell to the naw! What makes you think he will change them now because y'all are in a so-called relationship? Needless to say, she expired.

Now, what's stupid about that is I'm a female all about not wasting my time. If I see early on that it's not gonna work, I'm OUT! For real! But you have those ones that want to stick around to "prove they are the baddest bitch" but walk away with less than they came in with!!! I'm with you..."what the hell is that?!"

People will only change when they feel the other person is worth changing for. They HAVE TO WANT your happiness as much as you do though and it goes beyond good sex. Once people get that thru their heads, clarity is a given and wasted time is extinct.

Good post!

kN0CkiNDAb00tz said...

I agree with everything ^she^ said.

Ro said...

Girl I just snapped my damn my damn job.
that is the real real....
Loves it!

Rashad said...

man you just described my whole facebook friend list. i never quite understood why some females love to point their finger due to their poor choice in men decide to be with.

Cook.ThePoet. said...

wooorrrdd!!! i feel you heavily!
kick gravel & travel
datsz funny