Tuesday, January 26

poet's Jasmine

she posses the petals of pure innocence .
her feminine sweetness and beauty.
capturing your eye and breath , gently whispering .
her love and all she has to offer seemingly small but elusive .
unlike any other, for the taking if you be gentle and not abuse her .
kisses like a lover , healing like a mother , restoring the balance of energy .
a real woman, relying on what surrounds her .
focused on adding and multiplying , not subtracting and dividing .
gentle hand, so steady . confident and ready .
shes what the world needs to encompass yearly . severly .
a leader, a teacher, a reacher . little things in return for the way she relieves us .
optimism and euphoria - let it develop in you.
feel the reality of these words penetrate you.
as you try to figure out if its a person or a flower i present to you .



RoByn LaTice said...

Im going to assume its a person?...Idk..either way its really a beautiful poem!

JStar said...

Sounds like a metaphor for women or a pure (innocent) woman...Beautifully and creatively written....

Shay said...

you def. had me captured from being to end !