Thursday, January 7

Someone Had To Say It .

I love the black men of the world.

The different shades of you. The different stances that you hold yet still so strong. You are a Picasso of a being. Misinterpreted, misunderstood, yet still so important and beautiful. You create smiles and frowns. Bring joy and pain. Wipe away tears and can cause them to rain. You take on the world and still get up the next day. A doctor, a lawyer, a surgeon, a president. Not just a athlete or statistic imprisoned. You stand for more than just a being you are a survivor, striver, a way maker. You perfectly compliment the beautiful black women that make brown love a story, a song, a movie. Step up and be who you are. Live up to your personal potential. Reach for the stars high in your sky's and expectations, disregard. We'll love you. Stand by you. Accept you. Understand that its hard for you not just because of who you are but all you represent.

one might, hundreds might, thousands might not but,

I love you black man.



Chymere said...

this is absolutely beautiful.

Tia said...

well written! Just discovered your blog and love it already..Take care

aimes said...

Lovely. Well-written... if only our black men would understand that we love them for who THEY are, and not what they think we would fall in love with.

---snap, snap, snap!!

RoByn LaTice said...

Beautiful indeed! I love this!