Monday, January 18

We The Best . ?

Am I the only one that can see pass his 'let's bring everybody together' act and see what Dj Khaled is really doing?

My point of view:

Dj Khaled got cool with all the black people in the industry and put them on one track. Extorting their talents while our black people are okay with the arrangement because its paying and what's going to sell records.

He says the same things every song yet the less, and gets the same amount of recognition, sometimes more. Some would argue and say well he's a dj. That's what he's suppose to do. And hey, point made but how much significance should a person hold for knowing who's hot in the industry and putting them on a track? Anybody that knows music can slap DJ in front of their name and do the same thing.

But now that i think about it, can i really be mad at him or should i be mad at my own people for not being able to come together on their own.



kN0CkiNDAb00tz said...

Agreed... lol

Val or Pro Brooklynite said...

you don't like khaled... mufuckas we the bestttttttttttt lmfao j/k. i never really thought about it until i read this and you backed up all your points this will be forwarded on facebook... others need to read lol.